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    Default Types as writers... typewriters?

    If each type of the MBTI system would/could become a writer, which stories/genres would he mostly focus on or excel at writing?

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    I can see an ENFP as a magical realism writer, like stories about people and their inner world, struggling to a happy ending- and possibly elements of fantasy or absurdity. Pretty balanced stories with hardly any truly evil characters. Lots of heart and feelings beig thrown around. Also shifts in perspective/point of view and a plot that goes with the flow. Very likely to not have a definite ending if any at all.

    I can also imagine an INTJ writing really objective thrillers, with elements of science and possibly turning points. Quite cynical, with a low-key love story that could even lead to nothing. Very James Bond-ish.

    ESTP - very quick fiction. No layers of interpretation. Very vivid, possibly violent, vibrant. Basically a sequence of facts. People doing things and maybe also thinking a lot, but without a comprehensive frame. Very random.

    ENTP - lots of dialogue. Characters with different views of the world debating. Likely to not identify with anyone in particular, experimenting each individual's unique perspective as true. Could be lacking event-wise. Risk building a philosophical tale with no winner, a godless aimless nihilist rambling. Would probably enjoy showing their own wits just for fun. Would build interesting characters and make them very real but also very unreal in the sense that they might come across as too much intellectual. Basically I figure the writing would resent the lack of S and F.

    INTP - likely to build a system and get lost in it. If able to carry on without disbelieving in what they are writing, would probably write something that's intelligent and moral. But it could be stifled, plot-wise, with characters not really knowing what to do.

    ISTJ - Stephen King.

    these are the types I could think of. As for the other types, I don't understand them as much so I'll let someone else think about it (or maybe I'll come back and do it later). I think ENFJ would make a bad writer for some reason.

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    Oh, how no one tagged me for this thread....

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    My prototype for an ENFP writer is Twain, human centered, imaginative and humorous with a social agenda.

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