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    Default Can someone help type me by having me answer questions? Am I an INFJ or ISFJ?

    I'm mostly not sure whether I prefer Ni or Si, but know I use Fe and Ti and that I'm an introverted judger.

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    Si will tend to focus more on certainty, what can we know for sure. To do this, it looks at connections between the past and present. It can also manifest as a certain sentimentality, Si loves customs and traditions and making them.

    Ni is a lot more abstract (to the extent that even describing it is kind of hard). They are more likely to think about human nature in a broad conceptual manner to gather information. A lot of Ni users are very insightful about the potential future implications of events although they migh hide this as it can seem very out there and almost spooky. While Si can also make observations about future implications, it does so on known precedent. Ni relates a lot to symbolism.

    You can also look at this in terms of a possible inferior function. ISFJ will have Ne (observing current, often unrelated events to determine the deeper meaning of what is behind the curtain persay. What's really going on? People with Ne as a strength are ideas driven and tend to love speaking out new ideas and novelty even if it's not implemented) as their blind spot and INFJ has the inferior function of Se (gathering information by being present in the moment and using your senses to observe what is there; there's also an adventurous quality to Se, but it tends to be more focused on actually acting out the new ideas than just thinking about them, which is what leads us Ne-doms and auxiliaries to not complete things).

    There's probably better ways to define the functions though.

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