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    I v E- I'd probably decide that the test had asked too many questions about behavior- I'm frequently rather antisocial (I live alone and am rather independent), but definitley Ne > Ti in my functions- plus, people energize me

    S v N- I wish. I have a rather strong Se for an NT, but it unfortunatly doesn't rule me as I often wish that it would

    F v T- confused. I'd have to be an FJ then, since I have ok Fe, but truly shitty Fi (understand myself emotionally?!? ). I'm nice, but lack in internal values and such

    J v P- I'd laugh hysterically! P is always my super strong letter on the tests and such! I may be more productive if I turned into a J or something, but I just don't have it in me.

    2 letters- rather confused, but hey- tests online look most of the time at the letter, not the function, so I don't particularly find them to be correct in the way that they look at behavior and such.
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    I would crawl into bed and stay there for a week, while I try to make sense of the world.

    It's not likely though.

    It's Mizzz ST, thank you...

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    Overall comments:
    Type to me is just a label. It doesn't really change who you are unless you're borderline and you use the test results in attempts to validate your new behavior or resolve some strange cognitive dissonance.

    How do you react, if ..

    1) the results would indicate an alternate I/E preference of your long established type?
    Jump for joy? Go out and party now that I'm an E? Not much change. Perhaps I might try interacting with people a tad more but that's about it.

    2) Different F/T preference?
    I'm fairly borderline F/T to begin with. I suppose I'll try to be closer to people rather than keeping most at an arms length...

    3) different S/N preference?
    This one is harder to imagine because I'm as N as you can be. What would I do if I was typed S? I think the first thing I'll do is to trash the test saying it's absolute rubbish. That'll prove how S I am.

    4) Different J/P, but nothing else?
    If I'm a P... oh joy, I get an excuse to keep my very messy room.

    5) Different J/P and something else, too? Reply with what would be the most likely.
    Most likely J/P with T/F since I'm borderline on those two. I wouldn't be much different with a change of both though.

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    So you'd be open to new kinds of cognitive processes, Nightning? Can I take it as you'd want to test your "new" type as in how it fits you?

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    Write your established type first for clarity.


    How do you react, if ..
    1) the results would indicate an alternate I/E preference of your long established type?

    Not too surprised.

    2) Different F/T preference?

    Not too surprised if ISFP or INFJ. Otherwise, just wow.

    3) different S/N preference?

    Not too surprised if some kind of ISxP type, or even ISTJ. I'd probably be surprised enough to get ISFJ that I'd have to wonder if in the previous tests or this one if I was answering honestly, though.

    4) Different J/P, but nothing else?

    Very, very surprised. Probably just go back to my own business as if nothing had happened, though.

    5) Different J/P and something else, too? Reply with what would be the most likely.

    It seems a lot more likely that I'd be an SP than an NP. If I had to guess an alternative type for me, either ISTP or ISFP.
    -Carefully taking sips from the Fire Hose of Knowledge

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    today i'm istp i think
    will probably change soon
    my thoughts that is. they are. were.
    maybe intp.

    i could see it. ExTPs are the only extroverted group i would imagine myself being part of. i'm an extrovert (as in, Se or Ne dominant) around people i like, usually, and also whenever i get really bored. it'd be fun being like that 24/7.

    this would be weird. it wouldn't suck, but i dont really identify as any of the Fs, except for INFx's, and even then it's only a little. so this would be quite surprising.

    actually, nevermind.
    if i found out new things about myself, i wouldn't have a problem with it, or be surprised. would have an "ahh....that makes sense" moment, then i would keep - on second thought lets resume

    as long as it's SP or NP, i wouldn't be surprised at all.

    i dont know if i could be a j. i've grown rather attached to my pness throughout the years. the transition would be long and difficult. dom/aux te or fe? nahh - i would have had to miss something pretty big to find out i was a J.

    2+ different letters?
    infj is the closest one probably. i'd have to be one of the cool ones with extra amounts of Ti to help combat against that Fe, though. ni-ti, cool. actually the weak Se poses a problem as, i dont know.


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    I feel very comfortable as INTP, but let's give it a try.

    I vs E
    Not very surprised at all. Even I sometimes doubt my Intuition.

    N vs S
    No way in hell. I can't imagine myself being a Sensor.

    T vs F
    I doubt it. I can appreciate Feeling in others, and I can be sensitive, but it's not in what I rely at the time of making decisions. Besides, I'm very uncomfortable with it.

    P vs J
    Maybe, but it would be with an N. Anyway I prefer going with the flow and being spontaneous.

    2 functions
    If E, then... probably J or F. I don't think ENTJ or ENFP suits me, but they may be close calls.
    If F, then J. I think INFP could be close, but INFJ appeals me more.
    If S... ISFP? I'm not sure. Of the Sensors, ISFP maybe, but I don't think it's possible.
    5w4 - Idiosyncratic/Leisurely/Dramatic
    It's the devil's way now.

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    2 functions:
    Probably INFP. I hang around FPs a lot. So it's not completely alien to me. INTJ, ENTP, ESFP, ESTJ are all pretty opposite of me.

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