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I hate it when the tests ask if you like going to parties or being around lots of people. Extraversion isn't about that, dammit! It's about being externally oriented towards the object; it's about needing to externalize your shit in order to sort through and deal with it. You can do that with just one person, you don't need a party. And there are a lot of E's who don't like parties - and I know an ISTP who never misses one. I'd say a fairer question would be "how often do you feel a need or desire to talk to someone face to face?" or "what percentage of your time would you ideally spend in company with others?" Cos the way they're usually phrased makes a lot of E's think they're I's and possibly vice versa. And it makes a lot of I's assume that just because I'm an E, I'm automatically totally at ease with all people, any people, in any numbers, anywhere. Gah!!

ANYWAY, i think it's pretty obvious that, given what I just said above, about E's needing to externalize, we're gonna seem more emotional than I's, since whatever they do feel they keep to themselves, whilst we externalize it - that of it which we acknowledge or entertain, that is.
Do you think E types are more prone to ranting? (Trust me, Sub, I do it just as much as you do. I mean that in a total non-teasing way.)

To continue, I totally agree. Not all E's are social butterflies. I, for instance, am a pretty antisocial person sometimes, and not as comfortable meeting new people (cough fear of change cough), which is why I scored pretty low on E every time I took the test. But if the test questions were like "Does meeting new people really boost your mood?" or "Does socializing energize you? Does it drain you?", then I'd be way more of an E.... and then there's always the mindless ranting, and foot-in-mouth moments, and "Oh jeez did I just say that out loud?"s...

Back to the OP, though: If being an E makes you more emotional, then I have an internal conflict of sorts: Whenever I have strong emotions, I'm very expressive about it physically, even when I don't mean to... but then I feel embarrassed about it. I tend to have emotion guilt (Te-related?). But, of course, this only happens with negative emotion. When I'm really excited, I'm not afraid to show it. I don't care who's around - I WILL do my happy dance!!

EDIT: One last thing - Sometimes I'll seem like I'm really mad even when I don't mean to, just because I tend to exaggerate my frustration about certain situations for the sake of good storytelling, and then act it out too realistically... and then I have to backpedal and say "It's really not a big deal!"