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    Default intjs and infps?

    i was watching a video on erik thor were he speaks on the two different subtypes of the intj,and the one subtype is the infp and the other subtype is the estj,the estj subtype is very focused and driven in there goals,while the infp subtype is more chilike,free spirited into there hobbies..ect
    now in high school and even in primrary school my close friends were always intjs,with the infp subtype.i always connected to intjs,me and my intj friend in high school were very childish,throwing paper balls,but we could also speak to each other about deep things,like following the crowd ect...we both were realy into soccer,and in primary school also the intj friend i had would have so much fun,we would pretend to go fetch something at the head office,then run into the library and play cricket with paper balls lool.good times.
    so intjs whats your opinions on this?
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    Absolutely perfect. Mr. Chado.
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    I never heard of "subtypes" before.. now that you mention it, this clarifies a lot.
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