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    It took me a long time to NOT over-analyze my feelings. It was my initial life process, to tear everything down and figure out what it was and where it was coming from.

    Just, later in life, I didn't feel quite alive because everything was always some kind of deconstructive process. I had to learn to let up a bit (and since I had already analyzed emotions so much, I knew myself pretty well) and just let myself experience my feelings and my life more rather than analyzing it as the default. It was okay to just feel things and even realize what my personal values were generated from my responses to things.
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    I tend to just feel my emotions without much analysis. Analysis of feelings for me just tends to muddy them as feelings are far too wide a spectrum to measure. Its like trying to measure a bungee cords length while it goes up and down. You aren't going to get anywhere its better to go with the flow.

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    Ti is always part of it. I do try and be careful about which parts though. I am not worried about my feelings.

    Well generally my feelings are quite how I expect them to be.
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    Yes, I used to do that for so long, it's rare that a new emotion comes up that I haven't already analyzed to death.

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    I guess I do but mainly because I think all the time, over thinking even, and I'm constantly trying to decide if the psychoanalysts who suggest that affect precedes all thinking, ie man is a rationalising rather than reasoning animal, or the CBT, or stoics, Sartre or similar schools of thought are correct that the converse is true, ie nohting is good or bad but thinking makes it so.

    I'm a big fan of the Stoics, principally Seneca, who I am led to believe is actually a moderate Stoic and liked to read the thinking of the Epicurean rival school (there was some pretty major schismatic and sectarian grievances between those two schools, they really hated one another and really didnt mind misrepresenting each other), so he could be unrepresentative, I dont like Marcus Aurelius as much, although Epictuis (spelling) manual for living was pretty interesting and beat the pants of any and every self help book and a lot of CBT I've read since (CBT will always be marked by the Behaviourist stamp for me, I'm still uneasy about a lot of the Skinner Boxes and other sorts of experimentation used to come up with his ideas and much of the first principles of his thinking).

    That said the insights of the psychoanalysts are also very good, it explains a lot of the everyday madness in the world, as such I think it is humanising, provided that you can accept that most people are human, all too human, in fact so much so that they are unlikely to be effected by or swayed by insight even, more like they'll do the whole devil's beatitudes and have a sharpened awareness of their own issues when others exhibit them.

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    Depends on the feeling. So since I'm saying it depends, yes I do analyze some of my feelings, but usually it's straightforward and I already get it.

    I don't really have a reason for caring about somebody, but I do have reason(s) for not caring.
    To me it's enough to just care. I guess it's something about what kind of guy I am, and it depends on the person.
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    Yes but Im an Fi dom. And a 964 ‘seeker’

    Its what I DO. Constantly. For better or worse. And sometimes I act on them, or at the very least I try to make sure all that analysis serves as some sort of conduit for change. The second part is important

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