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    INTJ was my mistype because I'm a somewhat misanthropic ENTJ. People tend to live up to my worst expectations or even in excess of that low bar. Luckily, some don't, hence the 'somewhat'.

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    INTJ was my first test
    Still tests as INTJ
    Tested INTJ when therapist speculated INTP (but I don't blame her) Jung said INTx looks similar.
    Sometimes, sometimes I think I'm ESFP.

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    I used to consistently score INTJ, and I went with that for years but eventually decided that I'm an INTP.
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    First tested as an INTJ on the infamous 16personalities. Researching information about the type and cognitive functions in depth made me realize that something was wrong. The first function that I easily grasped and related to was Fi, and things became much clearer after that. Pretty set on INFP, even though I'll go through periods where I'll really question my type just make sure I'm right.

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    I have always tested as INTJ, including on the "official" MBTI, except for one online test that gave me INTP.
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    my first test at age 16 was INFX, and then over the years I was always close on the P/J axis, but identified as INFJ. I think I have always related to Ni and Fi, and so got the X. I feel pretty good about ISFP, with the additional consideration that I might have been INTJ as a child and so now am environmentally transformed into ISFP. I was a little more J when in school and religion because I was responsible and responded to the external pressure and structure, but it was always intensely painful and anxiety inducing for me, so I tend to feel much more like a Perceiver now. I'm extremely P-oriented with other people and my expectations of them have almost zero J in it, so I think that reveals my own inner ideals and that I prefer free, nonstructured P-type interaction with reality.
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    My first type was ENFP, not too far from my actual one.
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    First result of a real test was ENTJ, because absolutely every scrappy kid whose whose life consists solely of work and school within a quarter-life crisis is going to test that way

    "Yeah I'm so determined and dutiful and productive, and totally into self-improvement, therefore that^"

    In actuality I'm more balanced, for good and for bad. All of the tests will reflect that. If I had to pin down a function stacking, the first few would look like @Merced's I'm sure.
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    Initial: INFJ
    Actual: ENFP
    I almost always test as an INFP, ENFP, or INFJ in that order. I thought I was an INFP for awhile actually. I have gotten the rare, off the wall ESFP and ENTP typings, which I really cant see since I'm not much of a Se or a Ti person. Though I could see how I might act similar to both types.
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    Intj but i know now that i'm the smarter version Intp.

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