I am an MBTI YouTuber who is trying to create a new type indicator test that will test a person's ability to actually USE the cognitive functions. Every single test I have found out there asks me how I feel about myself, how I perceive myself, and what I want myself to be. If Jungian Typology is all about neural wiring, shouldn't it be easy to use different, specialized intelligence tests to figure out a person's type?

Of course! You don't assess someone's math skills by asking them how good they are at algebra. You have them do algebra!


That's what Project Arkansas is all about. With your help, I can revolutionize the MBTI community by giving people a reliable test that can't be cheated on. The mistyping virus that inflicts the MBTI community with chronic misunderstanding can be put to an end.

I need your help in coming up with ways to test the specific cognitive functions.

For example, the test for Introverted Sensing (YouTube video format) will show a complex image, and will ask you to recall as many details as possible. Then it will tell a story and at the end will ask you to remember as many details about the story as possible.

Once all the tests have been taken, the user will compare them against each other to determine which functions are the strongest.

Can you help???

Check out my channel to see the work I have already done: YouTube

Thanks in advance for your help!!!