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    Default ESFP: bizarre thoughts & ideas

    Have you guys ever noticed that ESFP's sometimes have extremely bizarre thoughts or ideas? Another thing about them is that they seem to lack the ability to foresee bad future consequences for their actions. I'm sure Logan Paul is an ESFP. He's used some very bizarre & bad ideas in his videos. The worst one was where he went to Japan and showed a recently deceased person's body in a suicide forest. And he was wearing a funny yellow alien hat the whole time and somewhat joking about it. Youtube cut his ad income in half. Then soon afterwards he tased a dead rat and PETA complained about it. Now Youtube has temporarily demonitized all his videos.

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    I have bizarre thoughts all the time, but whether you act on them is another thing. I find that predicting the consequences of actions to be easy, problem solving and on the spot thinking comes fairly naturally as well.

    Logan Paul is an idiot. What would anyone actually think would happen from filming such a thing... lol. People with very bad social skills and bad common sense will do some stupid shit on social media, regardless of type. It's pretty clear the guy didn't take much of anything seriously.
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