No hard judging and not trying to be rude, but here is one thing I find annoying about NT's:

Personaly I find them to be arrogant, which ending up them being annoying. They constantly telling others how to correctly "Live your life" and when they find out that you're not living the life their way, they end up saying random edgy shit like "OMFG when you wake up you realise your life is wasted", typicaly to show their negative opinion about you, but when you try to counter their biased view with common sense (Which I didnt bothered to do), they end up very angry and stubborn, which is another really annoying thing I find about NT types.

My dad is a typical INTP, and he falls to that NT stereotype perfectly, which is usualy why I alot of times I Quarrel with my dad. It's always like this with my dad, everything is normal then out of sudden he starts to drop of random negative views on me, typicaly because I dont do things his way.