I've posted tons of things online before asking what my personality type is. I would normally add VERY long descriptions of my traits and myself so people have an accurate view of me. Although I'm pretty sure I may know, there have been things I left out in the past. But overall I think I get peoples points and no longer have to write the same formula over and over again. Instead however, I'm going to list down some of my ways of thinking and want people to tell me which functions I'm using for each thing, instead of actually telling me my MBTI type(and if you do know however, you're totally allowed to say it). I believe some of these are N traits, but as I said in the title....I want people to be specific.
Which type of intuiting? Where on the stack does it appear to be locating? Which other function do you think may be coexisting with it?? Anyways enjoy:

I usually imagine different people seeing me as different things/types. When I'm around those people or imagine those people, I genuinely feel like the type I think they'd view me as even if I don't show it. Sometimes I even view myself as a specific cartoon character.

When I enjoy being in specific settings it's often times not because of all the things I get to experience, but mostly because it enhances my perception of myself and where I belong in the world. Don't take this the wrong way, I actually do like exploring through things due to my curiosity, but can't fully comprehend my surrounds like some Se users would.

A lot of times things remind me of other things in undescribable weird ways, even if those things are nothing alike. In some ways I think in themes, because some of those things put together make up a whole thing (best way I can describe it). Some of those things actually do have similarities though.

NOTICE: This following trait is clearly from Si or a similar function. I just want to know if it indicates the tertiary location or not

Even though I think about the past sometimes, I don't actually use it for anything in relation as tradition, laws, etc. I may think about the past sometimes to daydream about it or because I want to return to an old interest or hobby of mine. But I actually lack the traits of dominant Si, such as concerns for tradition, rules, laws that are tried and true, etc. I actually hate authority for the most part.