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    LOL ESTPs have no problem with GoT since it becomes mainstream series.

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    Quote Originally Posted by miss fortune View Post
    all smart people are apparently Ns...
    Considering how many morons are Ns, I beg to differ.
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    Quote Originally Posted by popcornbag View Post
    Can estp be nerdy/geeky?
    I always see the NTs come up as the nerdy ones.
    I for one identify and tested as a estp but I'm a huge nerd.
    I know the lore for lord of the rings,game of thrones. I' heavily into dungeons and dragons,magic the gathering.
    I watch and quote movies all the time and I love reading and learning facts about music specifically metal and the bands associated with that genre.
    I listen to mainly death,black,thrash and power metal.
    I want to be a history teacher

    Yet I never see these type things for estp. Could i be typed wrong?
    My best friend at time seemed like an ESTP and I believed it to be true. He seemed like a nerd yeah. I now see him somewhere between ESTP and ENTP really, but there's some ineffable quality to him. EXTP can be a nerd, and it's ok to me. I think it's cool to be a nerd. Are they, though, the ExTP? I'm pretty unsure. I don't know.

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    I think that Ti is a bit of where the stereotypical nerd characteristics come from. Because Ti loves intricately detailed systems, they tend to enjoy fiction with massive fantasy worlds like Star Wars or World of Warcraft. XNTP is commonly assigned to this because Ne is often in it's head and attracted to imaginative elements, but I don't see why XSTP types wouldn't be interested in the same.
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