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    Default Myers Briggs show with Youtubers

    Hey all!
    First day here at this forum. This forum has helped me so much in my understanding of the MBTI world. Thank you all folks!

    I've been making Youtube videos for a while. Mostly crazy pranks and comedy, but now I want to create deeper content.

    I'm not the biggest expert on MBTI, but a big fan and I'm learning more the longer I'm interested. So I thought the perfect interview show would be to test other Youtubers.

    First episode: YouTube


    If you have any wishes for Youtuber, influencers or just plain interesting people you've always wanted to know the type of (and aren't TOOOOO famous or hard to get a hold of), let me know! I

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    Get some of the girls from Teens React and College Kids React to take it
    Got your little heart in my hand and I don't wanna break it
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    Woah, this is weird. I'm subscribed to your channel and saw this video a few days ago in my feed. Haha.

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