Istps have a certain way of doing things and esfps uses brute force to solve problems hence se te. esfps are more prone to being artists and istps are more prone to be a bit more mechanical.
gammas are naturally the most creative socionics and physically attractive types in socionics. the reason why a lot of istps think they are esxps because they are very outgoing and talkative,but a lot of them are skinny and tall and how they are portatrayed in social media. bart simpson, cody from tdi, issei from high school dxd and beast from teen titans are istps with heavy se. real esfps are thunder from teen titans, shikaku from Naruto and berserker from fate stay night. Esfps are wider and shorter. they both are goofy and have their moments of seriousness, they both can be players and they are both positive people. diference esfps are kind of going to you,istps a lot of them not going to listen to you,which is a good thing and bad thing,you know the rest. they both can make deep friendships.