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    You'll want ISTJ on the side of the rebellion because they will go through hell for it while your average nf will forget where they put their shoes and trip over their shoelaces. Take note everyone

    There's no love in fear.
    - Tool

    Do we want to remind you of something? Yes: the world is good and we belong here.
    - Richard Siken

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    I get where it could come from in an SP, and what the seeds were of it in my own child personality, but then almost instantly developed into someone who could hardly be described as rebellious. Still, the end goal is to leave certain systems behind and not miss them. I just don't want to be bothered and don't want them to bother me - I ultimately don't want shit to do with them. But I also have a great need to confirm in action that I can survive in the environment I was born into, whether or not I like all of it or even hate a lot of it. I am not comfortable complaining about something until I am on the other side of it, or about things I don't know closely enough, reserving very strong feelings for what I do know.

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    ISFPs, I think we're only rebellious if someone gets too pushy and imposing. Other Fi doms might have stronger values and morals but personally I'm inclined to be more laid back and accepting. However I do push back if someone tries to say doing something one way is right when I disagree, or push me down a route I don't want. I like things to be peaceful and chill, ISFPs march to the beat of their own drum but don't really make a song and dance about it or try and shove it in peoples faces. I don't think we're the type to rebel just for rebellions sake

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