From thread "Ego States: the Backbone of Type":

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Introjection means unconscious adaptation of someone elses behaviors, ideas or attitudes. It would be empathy that makes you feel someone elses pain.
When I empathize with people, their attitudes do get into my semiconscious attitudes. That's why I don't like to go around being too empathetic. They even get into mine when I'm NOT "being empathetic". They even do it when I disagree with them, whether I express disagreement or not.

That's one reason why I like to expose my mind to a variety of different people's attitudes and beliefs. That way, at least I can absorb enough competing attitudes that one doesn't just take over my mind for no good reason. Instead, I have enough attitudes absorbed that I don't know anything. Hopefully, the expendable attitudes can cancel each other out, and I'll be left with "The Truth" before I die, which is whatever knowledge survives the carnage in my soul.

"Deep, man. Deep."