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    Default Introversion vs. Extraversion Questions

    I'm revising the Keirsey Jung test to consider introversion/extraversion and revising some further logic in it to make it more accurate. Does anyone have some good ideas to help get an answer as to whether someone is an introvert or an extravert?

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    I can't pin point it exactly, but I can often tell is someone is very extroverted or very introverted by their demeanor and how they interact with others. This is not always the case, but introverts are a bit more quiet and physically reserved at first while extroverts are a bit louder and tend to show outward expression quicker. People who are in the middle or have a really well developed auxiliary are much harder (I suppose I would be one, but when I've asked I get 90% definite extravert and about 10% definiré introvert whereas I feel much more introverted than others opinions might suggest).
    Also, for some reason, I find extroverts easier to type. The only introverted function I can tell someone is using quickly is Fi. Though sometimes I will confuse an Fe auxiliary type for using Fi when they're really using Fe in congunction with Si/Ni. I can't really explain it, but Fe and Fi can look very similar to me sometimes.
    Sometimes comments people will make themselves clue me into their type or at least what function they are using. When someone with strong Ne tells me a story of something that happened, I usually can click into the fact that they are using Ne quickly unless for some reason. Maybe it's just that they remind me of myself.

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