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    Quote Originally Posted by There View Post
    Stop putting Ne on a pedestal, trust me, it has the same trouble/worth ratio as Fe. As any of the other functions. Also dude. One of the best storytellers I know IRL is an ESFJ. Don't let stereotypes stop you, they're bullshit anyway. But if you think your writing is not good enough... why don't you practice? No master just fell from heaven.
    Ne is sort of the "joke" function in my mind, hah! Couldn't resist a play on words there. I mean, I love it and wouldn't change how I think for a second but ya, many don't think of Ne beyond the lame puns and family guy jokes. Though, my own lame humor no doubt ain't helping either

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    Quote Originally Posted by Novella View Post
    Why is one superior over the other? Why can't they just be different?
    Because broccoli is superior to summer squash, dammit.

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    There is nothing wrong with whatever you are,whatever you are,the world needs it,and however you wish to operate is an interesting and unique way,wanna be a writer?your MBTI doesnt matter then,what matters is that you want to write,and that you will write in your own way and perspective .
    Talent is nothing but desire ,passion and love manifested through time ,so dont think you dont have something that can only be born from dedication,write until you love what you write.And dont hate yourself or think that you have no strenghts whatsoever,if you cant see your strenghts it doesnt mean they arent there,it just means YOU dont see them
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