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View Poll Results: Do you, or have you at one time, regularly used a recreational drug?

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  • I - Yes

    52 33.99%
  • E - Yes

    26 16.99%
  • N - Yes

    63 41.18%
  • S - Yes

    11 7.19%
  • T - Yes

    42 27.45%
  • F - Yes

    29 18.95%
  • P - Yes

    52 33.99%
  • J - Yes

    17 11.11%
  • I - No

    64 41.83%
  • E - No

    13 8.50%
  • N - No

    68 44.44%
  • S - No

    12 7.84%
  • T - No

    37 24.18%
  • F - No

    44 28.76%
  • P - No

    49 32.03%
  • J - No

    31 20.26%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    MyPeeSmellsLikeCoffee247 five sounds's Avatar
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    IEE Ne


    Weed is about it for me. Would maybe do shrooms again and would consider trying LSD, but not with any kind of regularity at all. Nothing else interests me. I'm not in it to "feel good" it's definitely about perspective shift and existential discovery or whatever for me.
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    Junior Member Kristashea's Avatar
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    I smoked weed for a long, long time... Experimented with ecstasy, LSD, shrooms, ketamine, cocaine.... But I struggled with addiction for a while with both alcohol, and fentanyl patches. I was seeing someone who was smoking the patches, and I thought "Heck, maybe if I smoke some of this, it will scare the crap out of him and he'll stop!" Probably the worst choice I had ever made in my entire life. I fell in love with the high, kept smoking, and I eventually overdosed. Never touched the crap again. But I've been clean and sober for two years. YAY!!!! Never touching a drug again, nope. No way. Heck no.

    ^ Oversharing, oops.

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    No. Never have and never want to.

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    Senior Member Frosty's Avatar
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    Well I smoked smoked weed occasionally in high school, generally just whenever I could get it for free. Did ecstasy a few times, and some random perscription pills. and smoked pretty regularly. I could never understand why they made those obnoxious cigarette commercials about the dangers of smoking, when we sell hamburgers and shakes by the bucketload. Both are damaging the body yet smokers are shamed while society pushes us to accept people who continually put their hearts at risk by pounding down on the calories. I am not completely sure about what exactly cigarette smoke does to the ozone, but if that is going to be an issue maybe there should also be commercials relaying the evils of air conditioning and car exhaust. And the way they are trying to get the message accross to their target audience is just a bit offensive, really my looks? You can smoke here and there and not become addicted, sure there are people who end up feeling that pull for another cigarette a bit stronger than others, but a cigarette here and there is just not a big issue. I suppose if everyone thought that way then there would be a bigger issue with the health of the teenage generation as a whole, but the way they are forcing the message down everyones throats just seems to me to be overly done to the point of just seeming ridiculous and laughable.

    Sorry for the rant.

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    alchemist Legion's Avatar
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    Sep 2014


    ISTJ is habitual but moderate

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