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    Default Ok, I can do this. Type me?

    I'm finally going to sit down and write about myself, as much as I don't feel like it. Not because I don't like to attention whore but I just don't know how to explain myself easily >.> But I'ma see how I do.

    Okay, so what types do I think I am?! I don't wanna say yet! Lemme go function by function explaining how they might be related to me:

    Fe: I'm far too uh anaytical of myself to fully give in to what everyone else feels... I can't just feel the same way that others feel and give myself in to the momentary feelings around me, no I'm much more controlled and inhibit that kinda stuff. I don't want to control myself so strongly, but it happens anyways because I'm just way too conscious of the difference between me and others. I am me and you are you, I can't become you or have your feelings for you as much as I want to. also note i am autism itself, so there's a huge barrier anyways between me and others and my ability to share physical and emotional information such as smiling back and adjusting my own mood to suit someone else's. As far as sharing group values to preserve the peace.... lemme say this: Preserving the peace really is saving my ass from being put in an awkward situation where I have to defend myself and my dissenting opinions, when I don't really have passion for the thing being argued about being that I'm not very intellectual at all. If I make someone upset I don't know what to do because I don't care and can't fake being sorry for having a different opinion... THIS is why I preserve the peace. I don't like things being held against me later, I'd rather be on good terms unless I feel the need to prove others wrong, which hasn't happened much beyond trying to defend myself and others from being wrongly accused of something or misinterpreted. And I really dislike being misinterpreted so that's probably the easiest way to annoy me instead of just having a difference of opinion.

    I dunno, I know I can use this function, but do I prefer it? I dunno, it seems like something everyone does... I do try to follow and observe things around me so I can understand the best way to deal with them before acting. This could be Ti maybe too. Anyways this applies to people watching as well, I like to get to know people BEFORE I meet them so I have an understanding of what I should or should not say, a form of observing things so I can know how to most effectively approach them. I love studying how I could go about carrying out my own dreams and projects that would make me happy, but I don't really ever carry them out.. I mostly just want to know whether I could if I wanted to. Other times I actually invest alot of my money into things that I think would make me happy and feel satisfied when everything works out. I dunno if any of this has to do with Te... well I could argue against Te at least in that I'm super internally emotional and always wish to show my soft side.

    I relate to Fi but also can't jive with its conviction in moral issues. Yes I very much feel differently almost all the time than everyone around me, and can be seen as slightly off-tempo and socially confused when I'm holding on to my own feelings. But I also don't just let my feelings get the better of me and control me... I'd rather see things more objectively. Sometimes I can stray from my inner feelings with my words, because I don't want others to know anything... maybe fear of manipulation. So in that way I'm not truly authentic.

    I don't really have much conviction for my thoughts, my thoughts aren't well prepared or really organized well... I just sorta say what I think people should/want to hear rather than being super precise and including every single detail. I don't really make anything more complex than it has to be and prefer to know information only if it's going to help me in some way... knowing the best builds for the best stats and how the stats actually affect gameplay, knowing how people will respond to what I say, knowing how to grow a certain kind of plant, knowing the best way to type someone, etc. I wouldn't just learn something because I'm curious, because I'm sadly not that curious about the world, I just wanna get by and be happy, I don't need to have the answers to everything.

    Nope nope nope nope, this is never going to be me anytime soon. xD I cannot get out of my head or act in the moment. I really don't know what to say about this function.

    Ni: I don't fucking know, maybe I do this maybe I don't. The fact that it's described as effortless by Ni leads doesn't help in the slightest. Sigh.... I mean going by stereotypes I'm 100% this type, I'm always in my head trying to relieve myself from the physical world. I really do enjoy idealizing events and making them seem grander than they are to onlookers. And about the "arriving to an answer through unconscious assembly of data"... I might do this. My memories aren't concrete in that I don't remember how I got them or where they come from... I just sorta have an instinctual memory. I sometimes correctly guess the names of people in a TV show I've never watched, without even knowing who the name belongs to... probably because other people say it while I'm passively taking it in and my brain listens but doesn't really have any details attached to it beyond "name ---> tv show"
    Si: I don't usually attach myself to the past or things I've enjoyed... I mean beyond nostalgia. I have a really fuzzy memory anyways. I'm more focused on... I don't even know... I guess I'm not in the present either. I'm probably moreso in my head in a place outside the present, past, and future. I really suck at the details of physical experience.

    Ne: I love seeing the possibilities of life but get overwhelmed and wish to only carry out one. I'm always trying to find the best option which is difficult when they all look so promising. I don't think I'm that interested in new ideas though, I'm far too "slow" to be able to digest so much information about different things. I'd rather perfect or enjoy one idea.

    Also, dichotomously I am an IxxJ type I think. If anyone doubts this I could explain, or even better you could give me your thoughts.

    Uhhh if any of this is not helpful then I understand lol, I can always write something up about myself without including the functions.

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