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Thread: Flavored Groups

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    Default Flavored Groups

    Do you feel like you fit in better with certain-flavored groups, and less so with others? How would you characterize the overall flavor of your childhood role models (regardless of whether they were appropriate role models or not)?

    For example:

    I grew up surrounded by what I would call an Ne + Ti dominated group of people. A few SJs, but they mostly fit in well in the NTP atmosphere. They seemed to share a similar sense of humor, plus a similar love of science.

    As I've aged (like a sun-ripened tomato, yum) and been exposed to vastly different-flavored groups, I've found that I fit in surprisingly decently with SJ-dominated groups, especially SFJ, and they frequently appreciate my sense of humor, whereas other groups don't get it and don't like it. One of those group flavors that tends not to get me is what seems to be ISFP-flavored, although I love ISFPs! But the most difficulty I have in life is with ENFJ-flavored groups (no offense, ChocTiramisu; BTW, how are your MBTI videos going? Is there an ENTP one yet? I can't wait), because the groups with an overarching ENFJ theme seem to find bizarre, mysterious reasons to get mad at me. So I must not be getting them, let alone them getting me.

    Now, as for NT-flavored groups, well... I would have to go out of my way to seek those out.

    Or I'd have to go to a "family reunion".

    So, do you ever fall in with groups of friends or acquaintances that have an overarching type-feel to them, even though the individual people are different types? Which ones do you fit in with better, and which do you tend to have more conflict with?

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    I guess I can comment on patterns I have noticed with myself.

    NP dominant groups will cause me the most irritation most of the time. I'll often find myself looking for a way to get out, and or tune it all out. Backed in a corner I'll find a way to take over.

    SJ dominant groups can stress me out if our thinking styles are also different. It can make me feel inferior/defective.

    NT dominant groups can drive me up a wall if they get into debate mode and refuse to get off.

    I feel like I can be more myself in N dominant groups.

    That's about it.
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    Groups! *shivers*
    You are the only possible steward of what your soul deems as right and you should always be on your own side before anyone else...alive or dead.

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    Ntps are p. Chill outside of forums like this where every dog or cow ids as an nt.
    I used to type as one. P cool ppl. Nerdy but enthusiastic abt that shit
    Tho mostly nts seem to be ok (again outside of typo forums). Sjs can b too hardass, i dont understand nfs that arent enfp (even then these r exhausting), sps would find me boring and i wpuld too ngl, and im tired.

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    i overwhelmingly gravitate towards my fellow FP sisterhood/brethren, actually.

    Quote Originally Posted by burningranger View Post
    Groups! *shivers*
    and also this, my so-last self doesn't really associate with enough groups to accurately judge this. i can clash with judgers who have values that don't align with my own, and try to judge or change me. but i just slowly back away from that type of situation

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    sj master race

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