I know a lot of you will say the mentally ill either will have a very hard time with typing or can't be typed at all. I'm someone who's struggled with knowing my type due to several mental illnesses but I think I know what functions I'm working with. (Se-Ni-Ti-Fe) in no particular order. The issue is, I feel somewhere between INFJ & ISTP. (Due to a Jekyll & Hyde thing I've got going on.) I have been diagnosed with borderline personality , SchizoAffective & agoraphobia but I mostly relate to the Ni/Se neurosis that Jung explains in Psychological Types. (Which made me confused about INFJ/ESTP.
A lot of people say that Jung was studying functions in the mentally ill. If this is true, then is it plausible to say that when determining type for the mentally ill, we'd look at Psychological Types as a reference and MBTI , to further help us with clarification of the stack?