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    Default "Crow's Nest Functions"

    The author of Personality Types: An Owner's Manual wrote that the four functions that aren't in a person's stack (the "crow's nest functions") are sandwiched in between one's functions (dom and aux above; inf. and tert. below).

    This seems to imply the author's belief that our crow's nest functions are more developed and/or conscious than our inferior and tertiary functions, don't you think?

    If the crow's nest functions are more developed, that could explain why I relate to Fi (one of my so-called crow's nest functions) more than to Fe (my inferior function).

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    It's not "more developed" and not really "more conscious" either, but yes, the behaviors associated with them might come up even more than the inferior or tertiary (that is, until the tertiary becomes more developed, and gets used instead), because they are on the same brain hemisphere (J-left; P-right) as your preferred functions.

    As truly distinct functions, they are really "differentiated" by the complexes of the ego structure (which is what Beebe's model covers, and Lenore did adopt that in limited form after writing the book, so the "stack" does extend to all eight), and it still is not about a hard "order" of "strength or whatever, beyond the dominant and auxiliary likely being the most conscious.
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    Hm so for me (an ENFP) it'd be Ne-Fi-(Ni-Fe-Ti-Se)-Te-Si.
    It's an interesting theory. I think I'm pretty conscious on the occasions Fe comes into play. That may be an reflection of my Mom's Fe having rubbed off on me over the years since she's been such an influential person in my life. It's hard for me not to notice Fe. Some Fe typical values may have also slipped into my Fi values
    I definitely notice my tertiary more than those 4 though. I don't use Te much, but when I do I will sometimes purposefully use it. Other times it's my defense and offense mechanism (rarely, I tend to be even tempered). I admire Ti, but don't ever really notice myself using it.
    I also think that I identify more with Si than Se. I actually think I have nearly no Se to me. Of course there's some, but it's minimal. I don't identify much with Si, but I've definitely recognized it in hindsight.

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