So it seems a common thought (I've researched) that INTP's are awkward, struggle to read body language, and it's very uncommon for them to speak with any poetic style to it.

ENTP's focus on the outward world can seem like sx/so and also can seem like a type 3 for that matter(how do they be differentiated). They can be known as extroverted yet be the most "introverted extrovert", or rather known as an Ambivert.

SJ's can be religious and yet end up being atheistic often as well(Well, ISTJ's aparently). Even as I've observed from my suspected ISTJ long time friend to not be "traditional" and even my ESTJ father has been shown to be impulsive and spontaneous despite being otherwise structured and order.

There are things that the MBTI seems to stereotype. But when looking into functions, some things seem clear. Still, confusion exists.

For instance with INTP vs INFJ for Einstein, well, that has been argued quite a bit. Because he can sometimes seem too mystical and even his many loves he's had that don't seem like a typical INTP, let alone the correlation between the Function 'Si'/'Se'(specifically inferior on function order) and it's relation to feeling "paranoid or conscious about one's own body" and if it has to be inferior to ever feel that. Discussing the functions here and any correlations they might have would also be interesting.

And so I thought to make a thread discussion stereotypes of the types but also digging into if there are ant fragments of truth or commonalities that most may assume for all like an umbrella. Like all INTP's are awkward and scientific minded.

There's just a lot of cause for confusion around the causes and identifying factors for specific Functions and how they might effect manifest in you and in what order, let alone type itself and clearing up just how much any "stereotypes" might be true or false, or simply commonalities with exceptions. . .