I have noticed that certain MBTI types are better in bed than others. I have done my own market research (lol, I been around) and notice this is always consistent. Here is my rating and explanation for the top MBTI times from best to worst:

1. ISFP - They are crazy in real life and in bed to (a good crazy). Usually these are my x-girlfriends I only miss for one thing.
2. INTJ - Straight to the point with coitus (not sure if I can say the word "sex" in this forum). They don't like talking much, and secretly hate people so coitus is a very easy and fast operation. No B.S. They also like to plan, so waking up at 8am every morning to head is awesome. They are the ex fiances, second best but good enough.
3. INFJ - Now this is a tricky one because they actually aren't good in bed because of lack of experience. INFJ have to connect on some strange cosmic level and the wind has to be blowing the right direction, moon has to be in right position to get laid with these high maintenance things. BUT I say they are good because most of them when you do connect emotionally becomes good
4. ISTJ - Very dutiful. They will have sex with you out of obligation, and do whatever you ask. Super submissive, very passive aggressive though. Not worth dealing with for ok coitus.
5. ENTJ - In women not a good look. Dominant ENTJ women act like men and highly unattractive. They are the type to want to "do you" rather than do them as a man should. Horrible in the sack.

SO question is, can you rate top three MBTI types that are best in bed for you? Like your best ever...Thanks!