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    Quote Originally Posted by TheEndIsNotTheEnd View Post
    Well, it depends on how one defines "intuition". It has different meanings in different contexts.

    Edit: I didn't actually read the whole thread though - so my comment might be a little redundant. Sorry. :P
    No need to apologize. I have a feeling that may help others as well. Growing up, my dad has often spoken of having this intution, this gut feeling inside that tells you something is off, something will turn this way or that, and I don't know why at the moment, but it feels right. He didn't know anything of personality typings or much of psychology, so he wasn't referencing the "intuition" we all know of on this forum as a function. He was an ENTJ however, and did possess Ni in his stacking. But before I derail my own thoughts as I can feel them drifting already haha, it's the above described variation, that I speak of. The supposed mainstream definition that more people often think of when they hear of when listening to their "intuition". Then again, perhaps there is no mainstream definition to begin with, and perhaps intuition is a rather subjective experience unique to each person. However, the point of this thread, is to see if there is in fact a link, from the Ne intuition, as a function, to this supposed commonly referred to definition that I described above. To me, Ne doesn't feel that way, but feels more of a natural creative process. A way of thinking outside the box.

    As was mentioned by a few other members though, perhaps finding a link between the mainstream intuition to the functions cannot be made to a singular function (I initially tied Ni to this), but rather a collage of functions in symphony to create it.
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    Sensing should be called iNtuition and iNtuition should be called Reflection.

    So ENFP becomes ERFP and ESFP becomes ENFP. It fits the functions better.

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