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    Default Was wondering which type am I?

    Hi I have been online taking personality test for awhile and I keep coming up with an enfp infp or enfj I'm am a ppl person for sure love to talk to ppl and my friends say I'm talkitive I'm a positive person creative and also down to earth kinda guy I love writing g music lifting weights Im am a caring person really thoughtful empathic and love ppl dos I mention that lol now my moods can change often and sometimes I do need alone time but not much due to the fact I get bored easily was wondering if anyone can help me figure out my type thank you

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    I think to receive the best response for help here is to post in the "what's my type" forum, and answer a questionnaire.
    Here's a link to some questionnaires:
    Questionnaire Compilation Thread

    All I can gather from what you have written is possible extravert.
    You peak of 'moods' which suggests you may some ability with feeling.
    Note there isn't much here to go by.

    And ExFx does not completely answer your question. The questionnaire will help to offer more insight.

    Here is a good source of MBTI material to read through which may help you decide on our type:
    MBTI Reference

    Here is a good compilation of the functions (Jung) if you are interested:
    Function Foursomes

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    Try reading ESFP in the MBTI. Do you feel the descriptions suit you?

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