About dreams and other visions : Yes I see people in my dreams and can cross them some days later in the street. It happened to me more than once (that is what I call "flash").

Apparently it is a family stuff (all women are crazy in my family -or have super psychic power-which is in the end more or less the same for the society we are supposed to live in)

Yes I can think so strongly about someone (when I did think of one very "fresh breakup" for example) .....and then I have visions in the street, I see someone who looks like him and I'll say "oh it is a sign that...."

and then I start thinking about why I broke up and find many reasons of "why I was right." When I think of someone it is so strong I can feel the person is with me (yes Fantasy is more extatic than reality sometimes, no comment).

Apart from that when I see someone for the first time I'll often see that person looks like x or y, see some similarities or have a "special" humour because I see a link within 2 things or more.

But my creativity.....I don't write anymore (apart on forum where one can deal with psychology).........Because I don't need it at this very moment of my life, but that is a super tool for RESILIENCE.

I am teaching at this moment of my life and taking exams as well ,

so my imagination is turning into analysis and so on. But I guess without my imagination and "strange images" I communicate spontaneously to my pupils during my courses, the time they spend with me would be much less pleasant, and so would be the result to come.........