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    Quote Originally Posted by heart View Post
    I wonder a lot about emotionally damaged/ emotionally unavailable Feelers and Thinkers who may have cognitive damage/lack of math skills/trouble concentrating, etc.

    I wonder how often it happened and if it results in them being mistyped.

    What do other people think about this issue?
    It does seem much more difficult to type people who have been damaged by life. MBTI has some well thought out poles of cognitive processing, but it doesn't account for everything. There are a lot of people who just barely fit a category and/or fit multiple ones based on specific contexts. The "objective" and "subjective" worlds both impact day to day life, so the individual who discounts either will have incomplete information and their effectiveness in solving conflicts and problems they encounter will reflect that. Also the interplay of individual perception and external reality is far more complex than being an "F" or a "T". We all interact with objective reality through a distorted lens, it is the nature of that distortion which differs. All thought is impacted by the emotional hardwiring in our brains in differing ways. Also, the role of ego-centricity in perception (the inability to view the world outside our personal little sphere) is possibly more profound than whether a person is an "F" or a "T".

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    I have trouble concentrating. I'm not an optimal Thinker.

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