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    Default Do You Think Introverted Intuition Is Focused On The Future

    Quote Originally Posted by Lady_X View Post
    i didn't realize ni was future focused. it's more than that tho...i mean there's something about paranoia in there too.

    ni vs ne fascinates me. i so want to be able to understand ni better. i have an enfj friend tho and she seems to make up all these scenarios about other peoples motivations like to the point of actually thinking they're proven facts.
    Hi @Lady_X
    I just by chance watched a movie tonight that could have been made in and from the Ni and Ne mind set, mostly Ni as like left and right hand which is used more.

    I would imagine that it was an Ni who wrote the movie with an intention to provide a short visit to the inner would of Ni its spiritual bent and confusions and its collider scope mechanism of working ideas as if it the work, be a mandala of values purposely framed as like a lucid dream to suggest a spiritual feel. Very INFJ like feel I got from viewing this movie.

    Tell me what you think, cheers.
    Stay 2005 full movie
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lady_X View Post
    i have an enfj friend tho and she seems to make up all these scenarios about other peoples motivations like to the point of actually thinking they're proven facts.
    I need to preface this by saying "motivations" can be a fuzzy grey area, one of those emotionally charged (at least, in this forum) words that sometimes seems to have it's own distinct meaning to the person using it. I've been in conversations around here that feel like nonsensical bickering, all because the meaning of the term "motivations" wasn't adequately calibrated.

    That being said, I think this is kind of what I meant when I described how it takes effort to back up and see the isolated thing that's firing off a bigger thing. There's an emotional reaction to some future consequence of something being the way it is- like we don't react to a thing, we react to the probable consequences of it being that way- (if only for NFJs) that includes people, of people being the way they are with what seems to be their (often largely unconscious) motivations. It takes conscious effort to back up and figure out what objective trigger is giving that impression.

    I'm somewhat reluctant to make this post because I don't want to get into bickering about how 'wrong' it is to focus on anyone else's 'motivations' and make any assumptions about other people. It is my belief that no one is always completely aware of their own motivations, that it's not even really possible- there's always more self-awareness to uncover when we go looking for it, no matter how much we've already found. Additionally, there's a whole thing to be said here about the value of being able to anticipate the actions/behavior of other people. From both a survival standpoint and as a matter of improving the quality of one's connections to another person, there is a value in being able to make the connections in one's own head about someone else's POV.

    Anyway, the point I'm getting at is: I do find myself having emotional reactions to what it seems like someone else's motivation is, and I think it's (more or less) an NFJ thing. So much so, that when I see people here who reacts strongly to someone else's motivations- I can't help but suspect they're actually NFJ, mistyped because of the whole 'Fi needs authenticity' shtick (which I believe is misguided). It's not exactly about "future orientation", and it is what makes us look paranoid- I don't know how to describe it except to say it's a hyperawareness of probable (assuming our perception isn't significantly warped) consequences? We can't *not* see it. I will concede that it can be incredibly aggravating to deal with an NFJ who isn't aware of the extent to which their leaps aren't irrefutable objective truths (I can't emphasize this enough, incredibly aggravating). But we can't *not* see it. Best case scenario is- when the emotional reaction hits- we're careful/able to trace it back to the observable cue that gave us the impression. But with Ni, it's like our unconscious that picks up on this stuff and our limbic system reacts to it before we consciously know what's going on.

    [It's possible some of the thoughts here seem disjointed- I'm not at my computer, it's hard to write out a longer thing on a foreign device. And it's going to be a couple of days before I can respond well. But I'm posting this now nonetheless.]
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    If you predict or forecast a specific event will likely to happen in the future, you are likely getting the extroverted thinker function conscious.
    If you plan what we are going to do in the future providing this and that, you are likely getting the extroverted thinking function conscious. This also applies to the extroverted feeling.
    The pairing function will make the basis of the forecast different. When paired with Si, the forecast will be a past information. A statistics is a good example of forecasting the future event based on probably a pattern of trend. A stock price is predicted to go up, when the past trend shows an upward trend. When the trend shows a downward trend, the statistician will forecast that the stock price will go down also. The upward trend and downward trend of price has a basis of past stock price data.
    When pairing with Ni, an extroverted function will tend to make a prediction also, but the prediction does not have basis on past observable sensory information like the Si type. The basis will be something intuitive. I'd like to predict that a student that has no extroverted thinking in aux or primary will highly likely be having a difficulty in math class. A student without an Si function at his or her aux or primary, will likely to have a difficulty in history class. Student with Si at his or her primary will be the best at history class. Student without Fi Ne will be having a difficulty in literature class: e.g poetry. Student with SeTi or SeFi will likely perform the best in sport class.
    Si psyche will be questioning the prediction: how could you predict that, you don't have any past information? what is your basis?

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    The foresight aspect of Ni is greatly overemphasized in many descriptions, I think. To me, Ni is the possession of abstract internal imagery and impressions. These impressions and imagery are distinct from Ji in that they are spontaneous, fluid and not based on logic, rules, or reasoning. They're distinct from Si-type images in that they represent things deeper than themselves, things that are barely tangible if tangible at all.
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    Just found this great description of Ni being more than about the future:
    Many people and websites associate introverted intuition with visionary foresight, zen-like existence, and Jesus. Then they justify this statement by pointing out how rare INTJs and INFJs are. As much as I wish I could predict the future, these cognitive functions are really just descriptions of how the mind tends to work. Most people, with or without Ni, do not have magical psychic abilities.

    Instead, I would describe people with dominant introverted intuition as those constantly immersed in what does not exist.

    We slip into our own dimensions easily and remain comfortably there. Our minds swim endlessly in the depths of our unconscious.

    We daydream all the time, have many random déjà vu moments, and tend to be terrible drivers.

    We are enticed by what's missing. If an idea catches our attention, we become obsessed with it. Then we dig deeper...

    and deeper...

    and deeper...

    and deeper until we wake up to take care of mundane responsibilities in real life and temporarily forget about all the insights we have gathered thus far.

    But these insights are not permanently lost. Instead, they resurface later whenever they want. Sometimes it takes them so long to come back that it almost seems like someone else came up with them in the first place.

    Sometimes we question our own existence. Tactile senses don't always feel as real as our subjective impressions. There is almost certainly an alternative reality beyond the imagination of humans that can explain many mysteries.

    Unlike dominant Ne's, we are much less imaginative and much more focused. We often have a difficult time formulating our thoughts into words, but when we do, we tend to express them concisely.

    Unlike dominant Ti's, we are not as concerned with resolving logical inconsistencies. Ambiguity engages us.

    Unlike dominant Fi's, we are not as concerned with maintaining internal harmony. We have less control over our wandering thoughts and sometimes subconsciously observe ourselves from a third-person angle.
    (Makes ironic the debate on Ni awhile ago, that concluded on a point of the detriment of using the wrong word to describe something. Well, mere "foreseeing" is definitely the wrong word! I had tried something else before, but I think "hunchery" might be the best).
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    Ni forecasts for the future, premised on probabilities. Another skill is contingency planning. It also seeks underlying meaning premised on probabilities. It looks internally. Ni narrows. A symbol for Ni would appear like this: >

    Ne looks to possibilities and also seeks underlying meaning. It looks externally. Ne splays. A symbol for Ne would appear like this: <

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