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    Default whats a good way to tell if someone is an enfj or infj?

    whats a good way to tell if someone is an enfj or infj? like what are some signs i can look out for to tell if someone is an enfj or infj,like any distintive signs certain behavours?ways of expression like if i watch a video of someone on youtube how would i know if thta person is an enfj or infj?anywthing any ideas?
    common traits,certain behavours,things they do?ways of speach,movnment of eyes?anything realy?
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    are they inclusive or exclusive? if they are inclusive, as in they pulling people in and inviting you to a conversation, probably ENFJ. If they are exclusive, only focusing on those who bring themselves to the conversation, probably INFJ.

    Are they guiding the conversation topic or supporting it? If they are the one bringing the subject from one thing to the other, ENFJ. If they are contributing to the chat with meaningful sentiments as they come up, INFJ.

    For me, how people act when talking in various situations is a great way to notice they're functions.

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