Was able to see the stars so much more clearly this weekend and it got me thinking about things that ‘don’t appear’ to move.

Like how some feel re: MBTI determinations.

For so many years people thought that stars were fixed in place, not aware of the earth’s rotation (and how it came into play).

People were FIRMLY convinced the stars didn’t move: mariners sailed by star navigation and mental connections formed star patterns into constellations that we still recognize today.

A person’s type (and the manifestations of it) can also be perceived as fixed in place, but is that accurate?

Like being in a train and looking at the window, feeling like trees are whizzing past but perceiving mountains in the distance as hardly moving at all.

{Parallax. Because the mountains are more distant, they move less in our field of vision for a fixed actual speed. Stars are even more distant so their field of motion is only detectable by instruments, even though they ARE moving}.

= Our inferior functions can seem more distant, not as readily available to us as those at the forefront. So sometimes it seems as if we make the least progress in those areas, and we aren’t moving forward. BUT aren't we ALWAYS ‘becoming’?

According to Keplarian motion: how fast stars move is related directly to where they are in relation to the nucleus of the galaxy.

Where they are matters too. In the disk portion - the closer they are to the gravitational centre - the faster they move. And, it is the opposite if they are located in the nuclear bulge.

Do our functions change or become honed directly in relation to the core of our type? Do we progress/become faster when moving from our dominant functions? If we are in a ‘nuclear’ or stressed state does that change things?

Can we actually move beyond one type to display characteristics of another or are we fixed firmly in place within the typology firmament?[/B]

Like a telescope helps us to perceive the heavens more accurately, does typology knowledge help us to perceive more clearly how to become 'bright stars on the move' ourselves? What's your experience?