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    Default Which function does this sound like?

    I almost have 2 'modes' in my thoughts. Loud thoughts and quiet thoughts as I like to describe them. The quiet thoughts occur on their own without me trying to induce them and are constant but low level, always wondering about the world around me, pondering my own behavior or thoughts or whatever, but are almost instantly forgotten if not mentally grabbed hold of. However, when they are 'grabbed hold of' they become loud thoughts, which are more conscious and deliberate.

    Does this sound like any particular function?

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    I have this too, like a constant mental chatter that I can only sort of hear if it's quiet and I'm not trying to do anything. I can shut it up at will for a few seconds at a time. If I try to bring it forward into conscious thought, it goes away. Probably because conscious thought is deliberate and unconscious and subconscious thoughts are automatic (autopilot), and conscious thought overrides it like manual control.

    Kind of like manual breathing mode. As soon as you become conscious of your own breathing (other than when talking I think but I guess it depends) you're suddenly in the driver's seat and it takes a bit of distraction to get it back into automatic. I've heard that taking a deep breath or yawning helps with that. (You're welcome.)

    It's probably an everyone thing.
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