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    When I worked for campus instructional technologies,

    Coworker 1 - ENTP
    Coworker 2 - ESFP
    Our immediate boss - ESFJ
    Her Coworker 1 - ENFP
    Her Coworker 2 - INTP
    Her immediate boss - ENTP
    His immediate boss - ISTJ
    Her immediate boss who left for a professorship - INTJ
    The woman who replaced the above - ESTJ

    Only the first four took a test. I estimated for the others.

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    My boss/the CEO is ISTJ/SLI.

    The editor I work with most is the same type as me: INFJ/EII (probably EII-Fi). We are similar in a lot of ways.

    Overall the office has major delta vibes, save for a few louder personalities.

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