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    Quote Originally Posted by substitute View Post
    Amen sistaaaaa!! *hifive*
    NOBODY competes with us for most evil person in the room!

    (and I fear that politicians and business people may win that contest )
    “The phrase 'Someone ought to do something' was not, by itself, a helpful one. People who used it never added the rider 'and that someone is me'.” - Terry Pratchett

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    Quote Originally Posted by FDG View Post
    I never, ever stated what you say here. Learn to read.

    In context, I still read it as a dispute of my claim that you'll find ENTJs at McKinsey on the grounds that you personally would never work there. I don't see the relevance of mentioning that you wouldn't work there otherwise...? - Just social chatter?

    Edit: Okay, for the secretary joke. Point conceded.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Economica View Post
    Comedian gathering.
    I'm not sure these happen often, although a roast would be a viable ENTP gathering. At any rate I still haven't seen a situation where ENTP's would gather regularly.

    Consulting company, e.g. McKinsey.
    Hmm, I think you may have found a good one for ENTJ.

    (Theater) actor gathering.
    I think this is more true of ENFP. Although you'll find a variety of other types there too (especially P's). This is why I said ENFP to a lesser extent in my original post.

    Overall I still think the EN's are hard to lock down. They are less focused than IN's so they tend to be found almost anywhere, but not necessarily in concentrations. Any of the N types might be found as university faculty, but it probably depends on department. I doubt a professor position is as desirable to an S type considering that pay is usually not very good compared to the work required to get a PhD.

    As for INFJ's they might be concentrated, but they are too hard to identify to know for sure. They are extremely private and often masquerade as other types. You have to get to know an INFJ fairly well to identify them.
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