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    I let them accumulate ... same with my email. I only delete or compartmentalize them when they start to affect performance or approach a limit. I was just rebuilding an old PC system this weekend and discovered a 50+ MB inbox that I was still "saving" from 2003.

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    I delete messages, but I don't organize the ones I let live.

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    *Looks at 1 message*

    *Presses delete*

    I do now, yes.
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    I never clean mine out. On INTPc, I've kept my inbox at 99% full for the past couple of months, just deleting the most recent PMs.

    I don't see the point of sorting them unless I'm planning on using them as evidence. And I would never. . . !

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    um..................... well um.....

    typically here and that other place I just let them add up.... then one day I get frustrated and think what am I doing with all these? And go on a deleting binge. then someone asks me a question and I get angry b/c the answer was in the PM I just deleted *sigh*

    At the place I admin at I save most of my PM's on my hard drive or quote them within the 'hidden' areas..... those are all forum related. I have saved a few of special interest but generally all others get deleted for various unspeakable reasons kidding.... honest
    ~t need of hugs please...
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    I'll make labels for the important stuff I need (contacts, references) and junk the rest. I think running a site makes you conscious of the space thousands of messages take up. The space you're paying for.

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