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    Quote Originally Posted by wolfy View Post

    The statue in the window looks trapped. Poor guy looks like he may be going to get his head chopped off. What is that right in the middle? Looks like a polar bear sunbathing. Those two guys look like they are up to no good. Some kind of drug deal maybe. What a weird looking train station. Looks like aliens might live there. Looks authoritarian.
    Some kind of drug deal?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaguar View Post
    Some kind of drug deal?
    Wow, that's an old post! I can still see what I was talking about.

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    IMAGE: A tower


    WHAT I NOTICED: It's the Eiffel tower, shot from below, people underneath, cloudy sky, from this distance some of the metal work look like lace.
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    I don't know what this image is so I'll just paste it here.

    Type: ENTJ

    First thing I noticed was the house. Then I saw the face in the window. I was thinking to myself why the fuck is there a face in the huge window? What are the hands doing there? What is this trying to say?

    Then as I looked around I was like, "what am I missing? This is some kind of joke." I don't know what the tower is supposed to mean and I don't know what that white slab is doing in the middle. Maybe it's the where the head and the hands came from? What are those people doing? Seems like a bunch of mafia men to me.

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    Reaction: Hmm, that's the Eiffel tower. Symbol of France thrusting its erect dick to the heavens. Why's the base so clogged with tourists? Wait, yeah the Eiffel tower's tourist mecca -- you can't go there and be alone. No one wants to get off France's dick, that poor country is so oversexualized. WHYYYYYYY?! /end theatrics.

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    the tower touching the sky with people under it

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    Quote Originally Posted by rivercrow View Post
    I picked this one because it is the only one that still works. I don't know if I'm active or the chorus or if it still matters, I'm posting just because it is here. I don't even know if you can call these observations as much as ramblings... (ENFP)

    What I notice...
    1- the tower looks like a cowboy in a duel + france = cowboys and aliens
    2- is there another cowboy?
    3- baby stroller
    4- barrel distortion
    5- picture would be better with a better sky
    6- i would like to see the same angle at night
    7- rule of thirds was kind of followed
    8- now i'm thinking about what it would be like to live so close to an iconic structure that it becomes routine part of your day and you stop noticing that it is there
    9- there seems to be some building in the background... are they on opposite ends of a long rectangular lawn? i have never been there
    10- i have seen the eifel tower so many times but i have no idea about any of the surroundings... weird. it is so well known but has absolutely no context in my mind
    11- can you go inside it? it seems like you should be able to but i don't see any people on/in it
    12- i bet it is cold there
    13- it is probably pretty cool to live somewhere that you can go to such vastly different cultures in a short span of distance
    14- what kind of maintenance do they have to do on the tower? does it have lights and stuff?

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    ENFP, Tower. Vomiting out my train of thought here.

    Boy, that sure is the Eiffel Tower. The way it's shot makes it look almost like it reaches the sky.. kinda poignant. It's even 'foggy' at the top, which makes it look like it extends to the clouds. There are people there, but I don't know what to make of them. Of course they're tourists, mainly. There's a baby in a stroller that's all covered up.. I wonder what that's all about?

    If you look at the first 'floor' of the tower, it kinda looks like a grumpy face. Dammit, that's all I see now, is a huge grumpy guardian of Paris with an antenna that extends to the sky. I think my perception of the Eiffel Tower is forever ruined.

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    Image: Tower
    Link to A Space didn't work but thats ok because i was hoping it would just be an image of (outer) space and misread it anyway. type is ENFP

    It's a huge intricate metal structure (it reminds me of a telephone pylon) which could be linked up to several others amidst a plethora of giant satellite dishes to communicate with extraterrestrials.
    Theres the obvious phallic connection but i'm guessing thats been overused already. Hmm... why has it been built, to indicate wealth maybe, importance... a stamp!
    Ok, thats my few second immediate response...will now look at others posts.
    P.s i would have liked it to be another kind of tower, maybe a medieval one, or a futuristic one... hum ho.
    "We knew he was someone who had a tragic flaw, that's where his greatness came from"

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    Type: ISTJ (Si-Ne)

    The bottom is so weirdly angled, is it leaning into something? It's all swelled and- *glances up and recognizes it as the Eiffel tower*. Ah. A very wide angle. There's a building off into the distance, it reminds me of the U.S capital building. Wait, on the left, are they beating up an old woman? *looks at trees for a bit and then returns to the "old woman"* Oh, silly me, it's a guy pushing a carriage! There's a faint rectangle in the corner, perhaps an office building. It reminds me of how near the Taj Mahal, there are a lot of regular shacks. Well, except this is the ritzier version. Hey, recently I saw that picture [in history class] of the acropolis and then there was a totally modern city behind it. Ha, I tried to find Mcdonalds. I didn't find it, but I did see something that looks like Taco Bell. Back to the acropolis. I'm mad that there are souvenir and refreshment stands at the acropolis today. It ruins the beauty and grandeur.

    Oh man, I was supposed to be making observations about the picture. I wasn't even talking about the picture anymore. The acropolis? Really, Owfin?
    I don't see any invisible treasure chests.

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