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    Quote Originally Posted by Babylon Candle View Post
    I chose the painting

    1. First thing i notice is that the greek statue man looks "incarcerated" due to his hands looking like they are "in the stalks".

    2. Next i notice the volcano in the background. The incarcerated greek statue makes me think of pompie (sp?) due to the greek-->roman thing. The laying statue flips from a laying woman to a set of mountains, back in forth in my mind. depending on what archetype i see the picture.

    3. Suddenly the business suit wearing people next to the laying greek statue jostles every Vibe the picture had been building. Suddenly it goes from this greco-roman ideologue prison of pompie to a simple art museum in Japan.

    4. I say Japan because the lighting + the mountains + the suits + lack of buildings makes me think it must be a japanese place just outside the city in the mountainous ranges. Like if we turned the camera, we might look down onto a huge Asian city.

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    The bottom looks like a dome.
    Its the eifel tower in paris.
    Its not because its too small.
    Its bigger than i thought.
    Its the angle of the pic that made me think it was quite small at first.
    You can climb the eifel tower and its not got any stairs or a lift.
    One leg looks like it may be a lift.
    Theres no ques just lots of people so probably can't climb it.
    Link says it is eifel tower.
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    I chose the tower.

    My first impression is the focal point, the top of the tower. There is a sense of all things coming to this single point of focus, a powerful upward momentum. This is displayed in stark contrast to the nebulous sky which is infinite and without a single point. The powerful design and materials of the tower are placed in contrast to the fluid, ever shifting sky. I see the feeble creatures standing under it with upward gazes at this monument to human achievement against a backdrop of impermanence. It makes me think about how our struggle for permanence is already lost and yet is capable of such powerful creation.

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    metal thingy:

    bad weather; damp and cold; maybe gonna rain; cold metal; lots of dissonant people; dull colors; mind-numbing atmosphere; feeling down


    oblivion; light is filling the space, but it's cold, empty light; maybe behind the walls is life rushing, but not inside


    like a bad dream; little nostalgic; void; entrapment; downgraded existence, but now knowing how to escape

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    • a tower (turns out to be my favorite ... at first):

      threatening, dark, space, disorientation, ...

      separation of individual and culture (emphasized by the effect of the concave perspective)

      ie the individual can produce or control or even understand nothing of that which surrounds him, without help of all the other specialized people, but with the people in the image, it seems likely that they are not aware of how each one contributes, so they are alone, hence separated. the monster we created. without knowing whats your place in the big picture, you cant evaluate your competence. you either act out, or suppress yourself, but anyway you don't know, can't know, what you are doing for the big picture. the monster deprives you. you would not want to just dance under that metal frame, ie do something that does probably not affect the pig picture. you are reduced to your function in the web.

    • a space:
      picture is too artificial. i would feel fooled or like fooling myself, if i would try to come up with an interpretation. they just want to sell more nike shoes. i don't want to look at this any longer. i want to get out of here. what do you mean, i have to use the elevator? this thing is going to fall and explode, right?

    • a painting:
      ah, its a painting, captain obvious! i cant relate to much of the symbolism. i figure such a dreamlike symbolism is too personal anyway. there is a lot of conformism in the picture, and the style might emphasis how empty or artificial the conformist world is. you would not know how to place your self inside of this world of the abstract objects of our thinking. subject is removed from object, but also at times lost in them. but with paintings i feel manipulated, even by the possibility, that elements have been chosen by sheer randomness or habit of the artist. i have seen that style too often. not motivated to go deeper. edit: i see the interpretation takes some time, working in me, while i have already tossed the Eiffel tower. guess, that makes it art. i have mentioned the subject's struggle with it's objects. the objects don't "make sense". they don't fill you, don't give you purpose, don't tell you, who you are. yet you have nothing but them. the light makes it look very static. this emphasizes the endurance of the struggle. you can dwell on the objects all night long, loose yourself in their co-creation, find yourself again, but all of it will still just be about objects. like obsessing about mbti functions in your dream. wtf is this live? sunburned, for sure.

    edit: comment after reading thread: there is a volcano in the picture? i see a steam-locomotive in front of a mountain.

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    I am an INFP, and I chose the painting.

    Well, when I first looked at this, the first thing I thought was - "Creepy." You have a bright green skyline, a statue that looks imprisoned within a house. The next thought: End of the world. Atomic bombs have just been set off, and this surrealistic picture is the moment just before the end of the world. The diplomats (standing in the picture) have likely just made peace, but they are trapped within the reality of the situation. Nothing but lime-green death awaits them.

    EDIT: Now that I've went back and taken a second look, I also noticed the plume of smoke on one of the background mountains coming from the train, but it looks like a bomb to me - probably what gave me the impression that this was an end of the world scenario.
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    did them all, but here's my experience of the tower:

    -got a very physical/tactile sense of the tower (the sharp edges, very rigid frame-like structure and immovable stance)

    -at the same time, my eyes accelerated up the tower and I got the physical sensation of moving up to the top and then back down to the base and ground.

    -people provided size reference; also provided contrast in terms of material (human: living; mobile; separate little "units", color (solid red, black) vs. tower: inanimate; static; unified, single, all one earthy color)

    -noticed it was the Eiffel tower, but that seemed to be of minor significance, I think because I always envision the Eiffel tower as a symbol, when it's all lit up at night

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    The shadowy underside and legs of the Eiffel Tower reminds me of a big black tarantula.

    Don't know what to make of "the space"; just looks like an empty museum or gallery area. I like the ramp and the little mezzanine. Otherwise, too bland and modern.

    Don't know what to make of the painting either other than the off scale person in the house (didn't even pay atention to it being a statue, or other stuff like the color of the sky, until I saw others mention it). Do notice that shadowing is very dark (and Twilight Zone looking), like there is little daylight, and the sky does look like it is becoming black the higher up it is, even though the sun appears to be out (reminds me of other planet or something).
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    INFJ and I chose the painting.

    There's a person who can't get out of the house. It must be in Italy, because there's sculpture around and someone has begun the leaning tower of piza in the background, although at this stage, it has not yet begun to lean.

    Two guys are shaking hands. There's a train in the distance.

    The house is messed up. The windows are vertically aligned instead of going horizontal.

    Could be Alice in Wonderland. Ate the wrong thing and grew too big to get out. And can't get to the square ... can't ... build? create? wtf, I don't know. Has a problem, obviously. Actually, you could walk up to the block in front of the person and have a seat there in front of them and have a nice talk. Eventually they would warm up and tell you what happened. You could ask one of the guys shaking hands for a saw and you could enlarge the opening so the person could get out.

    Although it's possible this is not even a person. It's a head like a statue, a bust of David or something, and hands. I mean, you assume there's a body behind it, but there might not be.

    A closer look wouldn't hurt anything though. I would walk up to it and check it out.

    The slant of light is obvious enough that you could probably tell the time if you needed for some reason to say when the handshake took place.

    The colors are autumnal and there's no blue. We've got a green sky going on here. If the sky's green, this is not earth. That could explain a few things.

    I could go on for pages...

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    I did them all because I had to see what they all were, and I don't like rules in games

    1. Tower:
    Angle & perspective is interesting.
    Looks both gloomy & romantic .
    People look like little bugs.
    The tower feels personified.
    The subject is so iconic that it's hard for me to form any new impression.

    2. Space:
    Empty space that seems to have a lot potential.
    Light is radiating from the center.
    It's melancholy, but the light makes it seem hopeful.
    It looks like a cool space to have an art studio.
    It's pretty boring to me otherwise.

    3. Painting:
    The person in the house is detached from the outside world, and he looks longingly outside and wants to participate but cannot, cuz he's a statue and the house has him trapped.
    However, the people in the far off distance are interacting and living their life.
    The box in the shadow is something the statue-person wants, but he can't identify the desire and that's frustrating.
    The train in the back is things moving on in life, leaving the statue-person behind.
    I don't know what the tower is about. Probably a phallic symbol. When in doubt, just refer to a tower as phallic.
    That's mainly what I get out of it.
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