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    First thing I noticed was the man trapped in the building looking out, then I noticed the two men shaking hands...I felt that the man stuck in the building felt betrayed by the two men in the background. I also noticed the steam engine in the back. On my paper I wrote "man trapped in house looking out, 2 guys shaking hands, train in back, man feels betrayed by the 2 guys in the back"

    I also did the tower and wrote down:

    "Eiffel Tower, daytime, tourist on the ground, camera man looking up, it's winter b/c people wearing jackets"

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    Eiffel tower.
    Eiffel tower looks like a dick at this angle. Morons on the ground. Maybe it'll fall on them... damn tourists. Probably not. Looks pretty sturdy. Perhaps the rain over however many years has damaged enough nuts and bolts? Nah... doubtful...

    I can't help but get the feeling that since I'm concentrating on whether or not I'm sensing or intuiting, that there might be some unfair influence. Maybe not. 2 levels. I don't see any moron tourists looking out from the balconies -- do they let you do that?

    Talk about a lighting rod huh? Damn. How many times do you suppose it's been struck? And if people were on it. O_O

    That makes me wonder... if people are on it while it's struck, and they're fried, do they eat them or do they just pluck them off and bury them? The French aren't notorious for cannibalism are they? I wonder what's in that guy's backpack. The one with the red shirt closest to the asshole with the camera. Maybe there's a school nearby, or maybe he's a terrorist/nazi (officially godwinned).

    I'm not going to pretend to be impressed by the architecture like everyone else. Assholes. I think there was a lot of math that went into it, but when you think about it, he only needed to calculate 1/4 of what's there, and then just repeated and rotated. Everyone else who looks at the eiffel tower says "man musta taken age to design that" and then someone off to the side says "and even longer to build.. .wow"

    I guess I'm done.
    we fukin won boys

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    MBTI Type:
    ixfp (I am pretty much on the border with every letter)

    What I noticed:
    -the gradient of green in the sky and how it immediately reminded me of this icon:
    -the camera flash brought out the texture of the canvas at the top edge of the picture
    -there must be wind because the yellow flags are waving in the air
    -the orange building looks like it would collapse IRL because the columns don’t look very stable…
    -the sculpture on the right has a look of despair… it’s my favorite part out of the whole picture. I like his/her split chin!
    -the boniness of the statue’s left hand compared to the right hand
    -there are three openings at the bottom of the house… the hands go through two of them
    -*wonders why the third opening is there*
    -the cube at the bottom looks out of place because it looks so plain compared to the rest of the picture
    -the speckles at the bottom… I like it because it makes the ground look more realistic. It also looks like the flaws on vintage photographs.
    -the overall scale and perspective is off= meh
    -the little train along the horizon + the little puff of smoke and how it is shaded
    -the statue in the middle of the picture looked like a lion at first, but then now it looks like a man laying with one elbow on the platform and the other pointing up at the sky
    -the two men on the left look like they’re making some sort of deal
    -again, the proportion of everything makes it very uncomfortable for me to look at
    -I wouldn't have this painting in my house
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    Pocket Lint, you must be isfp. Introverted feeling coupled with extroverted sensing. Man, you really elevated that picture for me. I hadn't noticed half of what you mentioned, but when reading your post they suddenly stepped forward, clear as day. That said, I agree. I'd never have this painting in my house. Very uncomfortable, which might be why I didn't notice so much of what you said. Just subconsciously noticed it upset me on many levels and shut it out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carebear View Post
    Pocket Lint, you must be isfp. Introverted feeling coupled with extroverted sensing. Man, you really elevated that picture for me. I hadn't noticed half of what you mentioned, but when reading your post they suddenly stepped forward, clear as day. That said, I agree. I'd never have this painting in my house. Very uncomfortable, which might be why I didn't notice so much of what you said. Just subconsciously noticed it upset me on many levels and shut it out.
    Thank you for bringing this up! I actually went back to read other people's impressions of this picture. I don't think I would be able to put together a creative story or explanation like most of the Ns did. Also, it was hard for me to get past the details... which is really funny because some Ns said they couldn't focus on the details, LOL! Well, this thread was one of the few on here where it was easy for me to just state observations without feeling any pressure to make sense of everything . I do think I am more isfp now.

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    Type - XSTJ (I think)

    How utterly depressing! So cold and institutional. WHERE/WHAT is it? Poor design with all that concrete outside of the glass (unless there is a purpose for it). Kind of reminds me of a jail - but of course it's not. So linear and sleek, and impersonal. A new shade of paint would help. It's really strange because several things don't make sense. What is that ramp for and where does it lead to - prison cells? What is that white box - storage of some sort? Is that a real wood floor or a Pergo? I think the latter. Despite the glass it's still gloomy and dark - I guess that;s because of the concrete walls outside. Are the rooms on the other side of the glass inside or outside spaces? They could be unfinished inside spaces but most likely they are outside. Hmm... A gym in a minimum security prison with a nice floor ??? Some kind of bizarre retail space...?? One of those lofts made from an industrial space. I KNOW - a loft made from an old prison!!! (just kidding, I'm not sure) Well, whatever it is with my design background I could improve it!!


    How interesting, yet kind of creepy, but that's usually how these surrealistic works of art are. The lighting and shadows are well done. The first thing I noticed is that a man is confined/trapped/captured/in prison in a building while two men are shaking hands. Obvioulsy he's in there because of them, and they are happy about it - they sealed the deal which is why they are shaking hands. I also noticed that the man in jail and several other things - the statue, the tower are very greek classical while the men, the jail and the train and from the modern era. This is quite the contrast and is obviously signigicant. Are the men 'doing away' with the OLD ways and bringing in something new? New ways, new something? What is the significance of the train...? It's coming towards them...why? Is it coming to 'take away' something? Yes, I think it is. It;s coming to take away the old classic stuff and make room for the men in the suits. Somehow.. Or am I jumping to conclusions here? The artist was probably disturbed about something going on in the world or in his/her personal life and is venting.


    Another busy day at the Eiffel Tower! Too bad I've never been there. Actually it looks kind of boring. Sure the design is intersting...but, at least in's not all that. I've heard you can climb it.......that would probably make it more fun and interesting because from this angle (below looking up) hohum. I'm also going to go on a warm day...I forgot that it gets chilly in France.

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    So the first thing I noticed was the great sweeping arc in the center of the photo, then my eye was drawn up the tower into the unknown mists above the thing! On second glance, I notice the patterns in the iron, the struts and balconies, and the little details that hint at its age, even though the iconic nature of this building means it remains sort of timeless. I won't attempt to name the style, for fear of totally embarrassing my architectural education. But anyway, the top just looks precarious, like balancing on a long, spindly stick, even though the view must indeed be breathtaking.

    I notice the people last, down on the ground. The red jacket, then the rest. They seem sort of distorted, temporary, while the structure soaring above them is stationary and permanent and timeless.

    Okay, now to read everyone elses!
    Extraversion (52%) ---- Introversion (48%)
    Sensing (26%) ---- iNtuition (74%)
    Thinking (16%) ---- Feeling (84%)
    Judging (5%) ---- Perceiving (95%)

    9w1 so/sx/sp

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    Tower: Wow, it's bigger than I thought it would be.

    Space: It looks like a new building to me. I tried to figure out what it would be used for and finally settled on an art museum. I wondered what art would be displayed here, and would I like it? I tried to imagine the finished product--paintings on the walls, people walking around, etc.

    Painting: A 70s progressive rock album cover. I tried to imagine what the album would actually sound like. All I can decide is that the album's not very good.
    INFP (Fi/Ne/Ti/Ni/Te/Se/Si/Fe) - 4w5 (or 5w4)
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    * Identify which image you chose.
    * Identify your Type, if it's not included in your profile.
    * Record what you notice, as you notice it. Try to capture your first impressions.

    * Tower
    * eNTp
    * I remember the eiffel tower is modernism. The French hated it at first. This picture is really cool it feels like I'm under the tower.. the sides get smaller and more detail is fit into one place. Interesting view. The sky is setting, it's getting darker (perfect time of day!). There's a women under the tower wearing a sari. Lots of interesting people, looks fun. Someone's wearing a backpack. Are they near a college? They look like young adults. It's really a great picture.


    * Space
    * Oh my god how boringgg. I don't care if they tried to make the lighting look interesting, it didn't work. Ew the handrail.

    * Painting
    * Abstract art. Looks like something a schizophrenic did. Greek looking guy with hands through house. Bland colors, but it's not that bad to look at. Box in shade. Pilgrims shaking hands. Scultpture with no head. Ugly, ugly orange tower. Ewwwwww. Cute puff of smoke & tiny train. I like absract art a lot.
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    * Chose the 3rd image (painting)

    * Type = INTP

    * Noticed: Someone trapped

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