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    Amethyst's Queen ♚ Saturnal Snowqueen's Avatar
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    Jan 2019
    946 sp/so
    SEI Si


    Originally tested as: ISFP(Very first, but I've consistently tested INFP after that)
    Additionally tested as: ISFP, INTP, INTJ, INFJ on the forum test
    Personally considered: INFP, ISFP, INTP, ISFJ
    Suggested by family and friends: INFP and ISFJ(although the family doesn't really know about MBTI)
    Suggested by forum members: INFP and ISFJ

    Originally tested as: 9w1
    Additionally tested as: 6w5, 4w5, 5w4, 5w6, 9w8
    Personally considered: 9w1, 9w8, 6w7, 7w6, 4w3, 4w5
    Suggested by family and friends: 9w1 and 6w7
    Suggested by forum members: 9w1, 7w6, 6w7, 2w1

    Instinctual Variant
    Originally tested as: sp/sx
    Additionally tested as: sp/so, sx/sp
    Personally considered: sp/so, so/sp, sp/sx
    Suggested by family and friends: sp/so and so/sp
    Suggested by forum members: sp/so, so/sp, so/sx

    Originally tested as: EII
    Additionally tested as: SEI and LII
    Personally considered: EII and SEI
    Suggested by family and friends: EII and SEI
    Suggested by forum members: EII and SEI

    Current typing: INFP, 9w1-6w7-4w3 sp/so, socionics is rough but I lean EII-Ne

    How much influence do other people have on what types you consider for yourself? Do your friends and family see you differently than forum members (for instance, family and friends seeing INFP and ENFP, forum members seeing INFP and ISFJ)?

    A good amount. I'm super indecisive about my type so I'll take what I can get. Technically my friends are forum members(I haven't met anyone at school into typology) and I don't think they see me much differently. If my family were into typology I think they'd type me as INTP, INFP, ISFP, or even ISTP. I think I come off as more of a T type to my family because I'm not that mushy and suppress my feelings a lot. I can see them going with an S type cause I've been described as down to earth and they'd go by my cooking and drawing I think. I think they'd agree with 9w1 though cause they keep telling me to be more assertive(and less lazy UwU).
    Eᴠᴇʀʏ ᴘʟᴀɴᴇᴛ ᴡᴇ ʀᴇᴀᴄʜ ɪꜱ ᴅᴇᴀ
    ᴊᴏʜᴀʀɪi »»————«« ɴᴏʜᴀʀɪ
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    Bismuths Darling Prince Amethyst Archon's Avatar
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    974 so/sp
    IEE None


    current typing: 7w6 9w1 2w3 So/Sp

    Originally tested as: I cant remember but I think it was xNPT
    Additionally tested as: All the NP types
    Personally considered: So many types lol.
    Suggested by family and friends: I think most of my family and friends see me as a INFP
    Suggested by forum members:ENxP mostly

    Originally tested as: 7w6
    Additionally tested as: 9 of both wings.
    Personally considered: 7 and 9
    Suggested by forum members: 9w1, 7w8, 7w6, 2w3

    Instinctual Variant
    Originally tested as: Sx/Sp
    Additionally tested as: Its a blur
    Personally considered: So/Sp, Sp/Sx/ Sx/So
    Suggested by forum members: Sp/So, So/Sp, So/Sx

    Originally tested as: 973
    Additionally tested as: 793
    Personally considered: All the 79x tritypes
    Suggested by forum members: lots of 79xs.
    Pisces Sun-Libra Moon-Libra Rising

    Bismuths one and only Munchkin
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    Dec 2017
    837 sx/sp


    Originally tested as: INTJ
    Additionally tested as: INFJ, even more rarely, INTP, even MORE rarely, ISTJ / ENTJ, EVEN MORE RARELY, ENTP
    Personally considered: INTJ, INFJ, INFP, ENFP, and a dash of ISTJ that didn't last long
    Suggested by family and friends: eye and tea jay
    Suggested by forum members: eye and tea jay, sometimes INFJ

    Originally tested as: 5w6
    Additionally tested as: 8w9 was my first ever result, 5w4, 1w2 | with 5 as core; variants of tritype 125, 135, 259, 358, 359, 458
    Personally considered: all the above + 1w2, 2w1 and 3w4 as cores
    Suggested by family and friends: 5wx or 8w9, tried to sell 1w2 but they didn't buy it
    Suggested by forum members: the entire competency triad, but mostly 5

    Instinctual Variant
    Originally tested as: sp/so
    Additionally tested as: sp/sx- and it was actually my first ever enneatest result
    Personally considered: sp/so, so/sx, sp/sx just to rule it out
    Suggested by family and friends: sp/sx
    Suggested by forum members: sp/so, so/sp

    Originally tested as: LIE-Ni
    Additionally tested as: ILI-Ni
    Personally considered: both the above
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    Senior Member Froody Blue Gem's Avatar
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    Dec 2018
    9w1 sp/so
    EII Ne


    Current typing: INTP 9w1-5w4-2w3 sp/so EII-ne (With weird overlap and sure of se PoLR I wonder about LII about EII seems to fit better.)

    current typing: 7w6 9w1 2w3 So/Sp

    Originally tested as: INFJ
    Additionally tested as: INFJ, INFP, INTJ, INTP
    Personally considered: INFJ, INFP, INTP, Sort of INTJ from a dichotomies standpoint, ENFP, ENTP
    Suggested by family and friends: Back when I identified as INFJ, people thought it was fitting but people suggested INTP, INFP, INTJ
    Suggested by forum members: Ooh boy, chaos... On PerC, INFP is the most popular type suggestion for me. INFJ is still a popular suggestion, ENFJ ISFJ, ISFP, INTP, ENTP, ISTP, INTJ ENFP, ESTP. Yup...

    Enneagram: 9w1-5w4-2w3 sp/so
    Originally tested as: I identified as 4w5 originally and relate a lot to aspects of it. I think I have some 4 influence somewhere, but it's an unlikely core. Someone suggested 5 for me, and then I identified for that for a long time and was in denial of my 9. I've tested as 5w6 on several tests. I still relate a lot to 5 but going with higher ti, 9 is the superior option. Either way, 9 influences the way I interact with people. I waffle between a 4 and 2 but am currently on 2.

    Personally considered: 5w4, 5w6, 9w1, 4w5, when I first got into it I thought 4w3 was an option.

    Suggested by forum members: 9w1 is the most popular suggestion, 5w4, 5w6, 2, 3w4, 7, 4w5, 4w3, 6. I don't know how the heck people can pin me as a core 3 or a core 7 but I'm not kidding that I've been pinned that way by others before.

    Instinctual Variant: sp/so
    Originally tested as: Sp/so
    Additionally tested as: It's worth noting that my so is very close to my sp on tests, but it's sx that's on the tailend.
    Personally considered: Sp/So, So/Sp, Sp/Sx
    Suggested by forum members: Sp/So, So/Sp, Sx/So, Sp/sx

    Originally tested as: 9w1 5w4 4(w3) but I relate to 4w5 too
    Additionally tested as: I've taken tests that suggest a 3 fix but 2 as well as 4 fit better.
    Personally considered: 594, 954, 592, 952.
    Suggested by forum members: 952, 592, 954, 945, 549, 953, Someone suggested that I have a 6 somewhere rather than a 5, 972
    9w1-5w4-2w3 sp/so

    I couldn't Understand how you could be so bold.
    Maybe I'll find myself smiling on that distant shore...
    Maybe I'm not alone.

    O- High C- Average E- Extremely Hilariously Low A- Extremely High N-Medium High

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