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    Default How Each Myers Briggs (MBTI) Type Acts In Love

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    Quote Originally Posted by article for INTPs
    They will correct you when you are wrong, and try and help you with your life problems. They will feel bad when they accidentally offend you, and try to make it right somehow. Being with you, is a sign that they care even if they don’t express it openly. They will be protective of you and refrain from judging you when you make mistakes.

    They probably secretly doodle your name in their notebook…but you’ll never ever see that. Even now they are shaking their head and making disgruntled noises.
    I find that this is certainly true. I'm actually a pretty devoted partner in a relationship, but I need someone who is capable of tolerating my quirks, and appreciating my strengths, instead of someone who thinks that they can make me into something that is considered more "normal" by society (unless that happens to be what I actually want or will help me attain other goals.)

    I also need someone who can criticize me when I need it, rather than just being diplomatic and not mentioning anything in the hope that the problem will go away.

    I have a bit of a wussy sensitive side about this stuff that I don't really show people, so it is important for me to be with someone who will be good to me in the ways that I need, not just kick me to the curb without ever mentioning why when they get bored.

    Too many people like me for what they think they can mold me into rather than for who I actually am.
    A path is made by walking on it.


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    They boast to you about their accomplishments and try to be impressive in front of you. They will ask you a shit-ton of questions about yourself reminiscent of a Guantanamo interrogation with the intent of trying to understand you better all whilst secretly hoping that you will ask them some in return. They will probably be shy about their feelings, but be strangely willing to open up to you. They will be supportive and teasing, but also let you be yourself.

    They have probably even stopped talking to all of those other prospects now. Despite their tendency to "miss" other people's texts because "sorry, my phone was dead", yours are nearly always replied to promptly with thorough consideration and a side (or two) of flirtation.

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