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    Reading, day dreaming, journal writing, creating art, looking at art, thinking about things I have read, going for walks, planning things, thinking about future art projects, affirmations, guided relaxation


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    Quote Originally Posted by sciski View Post
    Sometimes I am in a conversation with someone and phase out while they're talking because I'm thinking about something in my inner world (usually another task I need to do) - sometimes it takes some speedy detective work to figure out what they said!
    Forgot to mention. I do this too.

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    Going for a drive. A long, long drive to a place I've never been before, alone. Whilst I'm going along I just relax my mind and let things take shape, see what gets washed up on the beach so to speak. Usually i go somewhere rural and park the car near a footpath through a field or wood or something, and just as I walk and hike along just sing to myself or whatever as thoughts begin to take shape. Then I'll find a fallen tree or something to sit on and just do a Huck Finn impression, chew on a stalk of hay or something and look up at the sky, treetops, enjoy the natural sounds as I gradually let Ti sort out the chaotic pile of documents into alphabetized and cross-referenced folders.

    Or sometimes I do the same thing just by meditation. If I can find a really isolated old church where I won't be disturbed (again, entails driving out to very rural places), I might take my own incense and a candle or two (they just help me focus) and just sit on the floor on one of those kneeler cushions with my eyes closed and feel the atmosphere around me, let my conscious mind tune into that whilst the subconscious, again, beachcombs. After three hours or so I feel more awake and alive than ever and totally like, well not like I've got everything figured out but like I've got everything I know so far properly indexed and put into perspective, so i'm ready to meet more new stuff more confident that I'll know what to do with it.

    I do a lesser version of the second one at home at least 3 evenings out of 7, but I can't go as 'deep' into myself at home because the kids are liable to disturb me at any minute and if not them, then the neighbours lol
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