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    Default Myers Briggs Types (MBTI) Disney Princesses & Heroines

    Myers Briggs (MBTI) Disney Princesses & Heroines

    I love these things lol I am proud to be Anna. She is definitely me to a T. :-P I'm such a Disney fangirl though hahaha
    I've always loved Ariel as a child and it's interesting to see that she is ESFP, which is so different from my function wise.
    I also LOVE Jasmine.
    Alright fine I love them all...

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    Elsa INFJ... I know her type has been much debated. I am more inclined to think ISTJ 154 sp/sx for her. She is more past oriented than anything so that suggests that she is dominant in si or at least, has si in the mix and the way she worries about the things that might happen in the future suggests inferior ne, and her fi is pretty realized too.

    I do agree with Belle INFP, probably 4w5 IEI-ni.

    Eve, in my book I'd say ESTJ>INTJ but I can see an argument for ENTJ, the way she is very forward with her decisions, suggests dominant te to me, and how she struggles to process emotions but is driven by her directive, but gets it all jumbled up suggests inferior fi. I would tritype her as 1w2 3w4 6w5 sp/sx.

    ENTP is interesting for Esmerelda.... I kind of see her more as NFP if anything though how her values play a strong role.

    STJ for Mulan and Tiana make sense too.

    I agree with ISFJ for Cinderella, 9w1 4w5 7w6 sp/so. I can see an argument for her being a 2-fixer, but how dream and fantasy oriented she is suggests 4 to me. The way she sticks up for herself and is sassy to Lucifer, suggests she has a reactive somewhere.

    I think more ESFP for Anna, she seems more pe-dom to me.

    ISTP Meg definitely makes sense, 9w8 5w6 3w4.

    ESTP for Merida is good too.

    I see a tossup between ESFP or ENFJ for Ariel, her being se/ni ni/se and her N vs. S isn't set in stone.
    9w1-5w4-2w3 sp/so

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