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    Default INFJ's, do you ever feel this?

    To any INFJ out there.. Do you remember being wild, fun and rambunctious as a child?

    Do you ever feel as if there's a completely opposite side to your personality hidden within you that feels as if it's who you actually are but maybe you forgot that ? Like there's this joyful outgoing personality wanting to come out but you don't know how to be that person and your scared to let it show?

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    @Soph11287 Yes.

    I was a totally outgoing, charming, funny, expressive and energetic child. I ran around barefoot all summer, cared for hurt animals, and threatened to beat up anyone who hurt or bullied others.

    The older I get (I'm newly 27) the more that part of me comes out-- or re-acclimates with my other side (withdrawn, introspective, intuitive, cold). The more I grow myself, have healthy relationships with others and sort through my crap, the more whole (in that sense) I feel.

    I do feel like a walking juxtaposition at times-- others note that too. Usually it's shock over the fact that I'm feminine, but also very candid and unflinching (calm? Not squeamish? What is the word?).

    I could go on, but I think I've said enough.
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    Yes, I was that way as a child.

    I'm that way now. (just for friends that I trust)

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