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    Default Help me type my frend?

    I have this dude friend. I rly like him at times. Other times he just confuses me. We have great connection. I just wanna type him hoho cuz I'm maniac.
    We are in this college and I met him thru an organization. First impression: He appeared quick-witted, excitable, giving off a (sorta) conceited vibe. Great conversationalist, esp. in a small group. Can seem shy and reserved with people he doesn't click with.

    He does martial art, piano, bass, guitar, drawings, I would say he's pretty artsy. His music taste is heavy. As for his drawings, they are mostly sketched cartoon characters with only lines and shadows.

    he has one cat, two dogs and he loves babies.

    okay now dimensions:
    He doesn't go out socializing w people. He doesn't talk to his dorm mates. And claimed he gave up "talking to ppl in classroom". Never initializes convos. Has quite a group of close friends.
    He seemed to be real curious about my life within the first few months we met. After that it's been me doing the talk, you knowz
    Has less than 500 frenz on facebook.
    I would say Introverted?

    He writes great songs and is good at performing. Calls masturbation "the art of self pleasing". Loves exploring food places. We can pretty much talk about anything-people, relationships, family...we can get really deep on those topics, but only on those topics (involving people)? We sometimes talk about musicians and writers, but he only gives a one-sentence opinion. Other than that he doesn't spend that much thinking about what-nots. Feels like S?

    pretty sure he's a T because every time I seek emotional support from him he always trynna analyze, endless analyzing.
    his conversation pattern:
    so where did that happen? why? do you know what to do? okay hold on for a sec. How do you want this to end? what's your purpose?...mhh, i'd suggest you do this, do that. also ask your roommate to help. where are you now? okay...
    sometimes I get real frustrated by his replies.

    J/P not quite sure. He makes accurate judgments of ppl. His room's kinda messy but not horribly messy. He never makes his bed. However, I remember him saying he makes daily schedule, my memory is blurry tho.

    other details: He has many crushes but never makes a move (waiting for girls to come to him). Was a loner in middle school. Has a sour, stoic facial expression most of the time. when you fb msg him during daytime. He'll open messenger to read it but replies before going to bed. Is charming in conversations. Knows how to make peeps like him. Holds back his emotions (which I rly hate). Can be real sensitive under that poker face. Has good grades in school. Demands people and gives instructions, but only those he feels close to.

    Can be real cold sometimes. There r two types of people to him: those he gives fuck to and those he doesn't. As for the latter he said: "Just get shit done. If they don't corporate, replace them"

    He rly like the wacky n non-sense infp lyrics and drawings I did. Also he talks more about my lyrics, not my tunes. He'd ask "what those lyrics mean?" I'd reply "nothing really" bcuz I don't write abt specific things. He then would say "Seems to me they have a meaning"

    Sometimes we chat into the morning, him laying like a slug in his bed. Also he likes to touch his legs and adjust his pants when he talks.

    He refused to take the mbti test which is why I'm here. He asked me why I can't try to figure him out by myself.

    I want to say ISFP but he's not as competitive or attention-seeking.

    long post thorry

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