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    Default What is the most autistic type?

    Of course no type is intrinsically autistic, but autists have some traits of the MBTI types.

    I/E: I'd say the most autists are Introverts. There might be exceptions, but usually, they're Introverts.
    S/N: I'm gonna go with Intuitive, though some also might be Sensors.
    T/F: I think this part is either absolute Thinking or absolute Feeling.
    J/P: I'd say autists are more Judging than Percieving.

    This concludes the most autistic types are INTJ and INFJ.
    According to that, the least autistic types are ESTP and ESFP.

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    Agreed on part of Se being inversely related to autism.

    Quote Originally Posted by Alea_iacta_est View Post
    Beta Quadra possesses many of the elements that would provide the ingredients for a Type Six, including but not limited to the positional hierarchy created by having blocked with , producing the quadra with the most rigid "chain of command" and distinct placements within a group or multiple groups.

    Se seems to have a rather easy time automatically adapting to situations in its surroundings and noticing the dynamics of relationships between people in social power structures -- a lack of which might be in part attached to autism's defining behavioral "disconnect," a failure to automatically mimic the behaviors of others. "Parroting," or conscious imitation of the behaviors of others solely for the purpose of being accepted, with little understanding with the mechanics behind them, is a common defense mechanism autistic individuals use to compensate for their lack of ability to react instinctively to situations in their environments in a way that is socially acceptable.

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    Christian Weston Chandler, the unquestionable king of autism, is INFJ in my opinion. so yeah i agree with the OP for the most part.

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    I think more 50 % of Asperger people are INTJ and INTP. Anyway, Newton was INTJ and Einstein INTP.

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    The most autistic person I can sometimes put up with is an INTJ. He's probably not truly autistic. INTJ type is his own idea, but I gotta say he got that 100% correct. He's a strongly expressed INTJ.

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