So everyone keeps talking about INTJs and ENFPs and I see memes about it everywhere! That's why I had to post this thread and name some INTJ-ENFP combos. I'll start with the INTJ-ENFP combos I know. The ENFP is on the left and the INTJ is on the right.

Kirby and Meta-Knight are ENFP and INTJ.
Naruto and Sasuke as well. Actually, in Naruto, there are alot of INTJ-ENFP combos.
Goku and Vegeta from DBZ, though you could debate about Vegeta being an ISTJ, but he's more intuitive and the cognitive functions fit better.
Shirley and Lelouch from Code Geass. They were actually a couple. Too bad- SPOILER.
Luffy and Law from One Piece.
Sonic and Shadow, but I'm not sure about this one.
Happy and Carla from Fairy Tail. I love kawaii cat couples! (-^_^-)

For the time being (and my patience), I will end this thread and leave the rest up to you.
I might just add a comment with all of the Naruto INTJ-ENFP combos, but I left it to only one combo since this thread isn't just Naruto.
Comment below if you have more INTJ-ENFP combos in mind that are related to Anime and Gaming.