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    Default Functions & Age of Development

    Hey there! I'm new around here and thrilled to be surrounded by fellow typology nerds. (For random reference, I'm not revealing my type yet. It's fun for people to guess.)

    Anyways. I'd like to know when the functions actually develop, and if they're evident before reaching full development. I heard the first function develops in elementary school, the second in adolescence, the third in young adulthood, and the last around middle age. Can functions be more developed even earlier in life? I will use a personal example.

    My dominant and auxiliary were both very well-developed even in elementary school. Though I used them equally, they tended to shift slightly each year, one becoming a bit more dominant than the other. This would affect the way I acted and presented myself during said year.
    Another example is my sister. I'm pretty sure she's an ISTP, but her tertiary Ni seems off the charts for someone of her age.

    Also, can functions develop out of order? My tertiary function is actually my weakest of all; I utilize functions not even in my stacking better than my tertiary. I'm really an ambivert, so that might affect the order of my 3rd/4th function.

    What do you think? When, in your opinion, do the functions develop? Does ambiversion affect the order of tertiary and inferior?

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    It's said that personality develops until, and settles around 25. Around the same time that the brain more or less solidifies on its development. Take that as you will for how it might fit into typology.

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    There isnt any set rules, also function development doesent simply mean using them, but developing a conscious control them and thus controlling them intentionally instead of just instinctually.

    Also development of a function isnt just on/off situation, but its a scale of basically how effortlessly, how much, how often in varying situations and how much your stress or other emotional states effect your conscious control over it.

    Most common theory is that dom starts to develop in early childhood, aux in teens, tert somewhere mid 20's to mid 30's and inferior in 40-50's(often as a result of mid age crisis). However some people never even develop their aux much at all, not to mention tert or inferior. Function development doesent come automatically and especially very early development is often accompanied with some sort of crisis, because ego needs to humble in front of its opposites. I can for example remember one time when i was nearly 6 years old and my actions being led by Fe strongly in one situation, but that was purely instinctual behavior.
    "Where wisdom reigns, there is no conflict between thinking and feeling."
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    I still haven't adopted conscious control of my dominant, don't worry about it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Hard View Post
    It's said that personality develops until, and settles around 25. Around the same time that the brain more or less solidifies on its development. Take that as you will for how it might fit into typology.
    I've always hated that. Means there is no hope for me.
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