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    Default Cognitive functions and eye movements

    Dr. AJ Drenth proposes that we can use people's eye movements to provide clues as to their type. I actually believe there is something to this. I have noticed that Ne doms do this darting eye thing and that Ni doms do this staring penetrating look at times. So I think there is something to it. What do you think about all this?

    Cognitive type functions and eye movements

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    I dont think it can be reliably used to determine type, but i have noticed a difference in many Se vs Ne users. Se users generally have more deep type of stare, while Ne users seem to have more sort of soft gaze which often wanders around more. But then again i have seen it not really working with ISFPs, ISXJs and ESTJs i have met, while neither of them seem to have that sort of deep stare usually seen in Se doms and Ni doms/aux, their eyes doesent seem to wander like Ne dom/aux and ISFPs i have met tend to have quite soft gaze, but they do seem to focus on one spot more than Ne dom/aux types. Also with ESTJs and ISXJs, they tend to have more deep stare similar to Ni dom and Se dom. So its not really simple in any ways.

    There is has been this idea going around for quite a while, im not sure how well researched the topic is, but i have seen some studies that show constructed vs remembered image being a quite good predictor of whether the person is lying(coming up with stuff) or actually remembering something:

    I would suspect that Ne doms especially tend to go from one mode to another more frequently, because of the nature of Ne and it kinda goes hand in hand with nardis idea of "christmas tree" light thing he said about Ne.

    I only read the article at this point and i can agree with some of what he said, but trying to come up with too detailed descriptions about something pretty vague like this is kinda doomed to fail. There was some guy(or group of people) who made some videos(i think the main guy wrote a book about it even) on youtube trying to analyze every movement of eyes and other gestures and assigning them to type, the funny thing was that they mistypes quite a few people, but still used the wrongly typed people as proofs of their system. I think that was way too far fetched and sounded borderline schizophrenic.

    So.. eye movement and type has some merit, but its not something that can be reliably used to type people, except maybe in some cases like when you are not sure if someone is ENFP or ESFP, then you might quite reliably figure out the type based on "depth" of stare and how focused the person is on details vs eyes wandering around.

    Here is one thing i have heard and can see it clearly in people. When people have submissive attitude towards a person looking at them, they look downwards(this is also an indicator of whether or not some girl you just lay your eyes on maybe the first time is interested on you, if she is, she will "submit" to you and look downwards(ofc there should be some other cues as well, like not looking annoyed etc), and uninterested will look sideways away from you or maybe up if they are really annoyed). So because looking down is a submissive gesture, some types like Fi doms(who are generally more submissive/agreeable than for example Te dom) might look down more in general compared to Te doms. But that again is no proof of type, but something that can vaguely reflect the persons type(kinda like some type descriptions about behavior in general) if you analyze them long enough in different situations.
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