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    if you think entjs are bad, why don't you look at us nfps? we're so much more disorganized. I have to have help for organizing my stuff...
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    I think the difference between estj and entj is that estjs can come off as real hardworkers and literally has the work hard play hard motto. Think of cycloid from bakugan, think of super. While they are thinkers, a lot of older comic designers from the fifties are probably estjs and they have the ideal of a model citizen.

    Entjs are very level headed people, but they come off as a little cerebral and are more likely to spend sone time in their heads.

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    - When it comes to working with subordinates

    ESTJs get things working by themselves. Or they yell at their team what needs to be done.
    ENTJs deceive and trick people into doing things for them. They're puppet masters.

    - When it comes working as a subordinate

    ESTJs accept hierarchy and respect it to its fullest. They don't question it and won't think (much) about stealing their bosses position.
    ENTJs plan how they'll make it to the top of hierarchy. How idiotic his/her boss is and how much better of a job he would be doing himself.

    - When it comes to speaking

    ESTJs are hard to communicate to. It's not that they're socially dumb, it's that they're so down to earth people misunderstand what they say.
    ENTJs make their point crystal clear and are good at using body language to their advtange. They pay attention to who they're speaking to, unlike the ESTJ.

    - When it comes to listening

    ESTJs are very down to Earth. Most have no clue what's body language, they don't pay attention to tone of speech (unless it's clear if the person is yelling or whispering) and they don't get hidden things. You need to be clear of what you are talking about when dealing with an ESTJ.

    ENTJs are the complete opposite. Sometimes they won't even pay attention to what the person really said, they'll just analyse (unconsciously at times) body language, speaking tone, etc. They're a bit emphatic because they are manipulators.

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    ESTJ here who worked for a confirmed ENTJ (type 3, unsure of wing).

    Some observations:

    He was much bigger on analysis than me. I preferred to schedule a time for research and a time for action. He wanted to shift into action while never quite leaving research mode. In some cases this allowed us to make very quick shifts in projects when crucial information became available last-minute. In other cases it led to analysis paralysis where projects draaggggggeeedd on forever and died slow and painful deaths.

    He wanted to experiment with various solutions before choosing the obvious one. I preferred to just skip over the "maybe" options and pick the most efficient option and move onto other things. In these situations, he was almost always wrong. His experimental solutions usually wasted a lot of manpower (forcing people to have to stop what they were doing and try to creatively think of solutions for things that were, in the large picture, not worth that much attention) and a lot of time.

    When stressed, he would suddenly become obsessed with insignificant details and mull on them for forever. This was actually pretty hilarious, provided you stayed out of his way until he got it out of his system. He never saw the humor in his own behavior. As an ESTJ, when stressed, I go from details to end game. Everything not required to get to the finish line goes out the window (details, manners, hygiene, etc). I focus on only the very minimum of what's needed to complete the task at hand. In some cases, I also get controlling. I choose to do everything myself rather than get anxious waiting on other people to do their part in timely fashion.

    Very, very skilled negotiator. Good at finding compromise. A large part of this is probably less him being an ENTJ and more to do with his professional background. As an ESTJ, negotiation is not my forte. I'm more a kill or be killed negotiator. That's probably more on personality than experience.

    He gave people more benefit of the doubt. Even if it didn't look like you were doing a job right, he gave you rope to either save or hang yourself. If you hanged yourself with it and didn't do things right, you were fucked. He came down hard on people who didn't use their freedom properly. As an ESTJ, I prefer to monitor things more closely from the start. Not micromanage (hate micromanagers), but keep an eye on things. If it starts to get off course, I prefer to offer guidance on how to correct it early on rather than wait to see where things go (and hope they get back on course at a later point).

    On the whole, I think the best way to describe the difference between us would be analytical (ENTJ) versus executional (ESTJ). At the end of the day, he preferred to analyze data and mull over it's meaning and implications while leaving the act of execution open for interpretation. I preferred to take all the data, compile it into a series of actions, act on it, and move onto the next thing.

    We worked very well together and I have a high degree of respect for him. One of the smartest, most self-aware people I've ever had the pleasure to know.

    EDIT: sorry for the POV switches. I should fix them but I can't be bothered to.
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